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under terms not final or fully worked out or agreed upon

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A closer look at the process that led to the approval of these provisionary measures sheds light on the time and effort involved in the production of a bill within the government.
Such provisionary sentences typically contain two necessary elements, namely the legal subject and the legal action.
As ever, the weather will dictate the pace and all dates have to be considered provisionary at this stage with the sub-zero temperatures set to continue for days to come.
The provisionary and instrumental nature of the countermeasures established in Article 22 of the DSU and explicated in paragraph 8 of the same Article establishes that:
The game with Warriors, who earned a berth in last season's Sugar Bowl, wilt be UCA's "bowl game" in the Bears' final year of their provisionary period due to the transition.
He said it was a provisionary measure in case plans for Ecodock fell through.
Any apparent stopping point is inevitably provisionary and revisionary, and the greatest error is the rationalist delusion that we can ever step outside of the flux and rest in what he refers to as "an inert static relation," in secure "possession" of the truth (Pragmatism 96).
Yang Dao visited China as a member of a delegation of the Provisionary Coalition Government of Laos.
led Coalition Provisionary Authority to the Iraqi people, the officials said, adding the pair also shared the importance of multilateralism and the United Nations in international diplomacy.