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under terms not final or fully worked out or agreed upon

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Particularly, we had a provisionary coding "start list", and aimed to identify intergroup dynamics, issues shaping them, and consequences in terms of shared identity.
The plan was supposed to be provisionary and Naameh's gates were set to close in 2004.
At the June 27 launch and exhibition, Mada Masr reported, Fehras had copies ofa provisionary draft of a catalogue of Munif'slibrary.
Polizei, therefore, does not derive its authority from the internal order of civil society; rather, for Hegel it constitutes the supervisory, provisionary and preventative ethical power of the state whose authority derives externally to civil society, instead from its claim to 'universality' as such.
It is interesting that even provisionary measures, which give the executive branch exceptional legislative prerogative, may emerge from the collaboration of parties in the coalition.
Its final results were almost the same -- as in the previous seven elections -- with the figures announced by the Supreme Election Board (YSK) as the official provisionary results.
The first limitation is straightforward: our provisionary evidence indicates that the representation of the guilty among plea bargainers in death-penalty cases might not exceed their proportion among death-penalty defendants.
May - 6- 2012 Al-Shark Al-Awsat: (The Middle East) Funerals and explosions in Damascus/ Rebels of the Syrian interior form new provisionary Parliament .
All the infrastructures including economic, provisionary laws and bi-laws are established and permanantly dependent upon state and most of the citizens are not even awared of the laws they are being governed with.
Bhatia (1993:115) refers to the interaction between the main provisionary clause and the various kinds of qualifications that are inserted at various syntactic openings and that are the cause of the syntactic discontinuities so characteristic of legislative provisions.
As ever, the weather will dictate the pace and all dates have to be considered provisionary at this stage with the sub-zero temperatures set to continue for days to come.
One such correction our federal government is fervently grappling to attain is within the health provisionary system.
The provisionary and instrumental nature of the countermeasures established in Article 22 of the DSU and explicated in paragraph 8 of the same Article establishes that:
In Portugal after the revolution, a Provisionary Junta wrote a series of proclamations directed to the people, particularly to the inhabitants of Lisbon.
The game with Warriors, who earned a berth in last season's Sugar Bowl, wilt be UCA's "bowl game" in the Bears' final year of their provisionary period due to the transition.