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Synonyms for provision

Synonyms for provision

Synonyms for provision

a stipulated condition

a store or supply of something (especially of food or clothing or arms)

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supply with provisions

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The provisions fall most heavily on foreign-owned U.
Thus, any provision that is not recommended for exception or exclusion is regarded as wages or employment and, thus, subject to withholding.
The other provision expands the definition of a tax shelter for purposes of the Sec.
Because of the mismatching of ordinary and necessary expenses with the business income that engenders the expense as well as the potential for interfering with the judicious and efficient disposition of tort claims, this provision should be rejected.
Also due to sunset unless Congress acts to make it permanent is the provision allowing for "roving wiretaps" under foreign intelligence authorities.
ii) a provision stating that a party cannot suspend performance if another party to the contract fails to make prompt payments, is void.
If there is a provision for delay in payment, how should it be treated?
She believes the latter provision will be a boon, particularly to people who plan to use home-sale proceeds to enter retirement homes--something that didn't qualify for deferral in the past.
Clinton vowed Saturday to work with Congress "to repeal this provision before a single service member is discharged from the service.
93-19 is concerned primarily with whether the qualified user pays a service provider reasonable compensation for services and whether the compensation arrangement between the parties conforms to one of the safe harbor provision compensation arrangements.
This provision could, if it is included in the permit, provide some limited protection to a source if disputes about the applicability of certain emissions limits, control requirements or monitoring and reporting requirements arise after the permit has been issued.
Access Control, Resource Provisioning and Regulatory Compliance Remain Key Drivers for Courion Enterprise Provision Suite Adoption
This provision is effective for tax years beginning Her 2005.
The House provision only applies to businesses organized as C corporations, while the Senate provision also applies to businesses organized as partnerships or S corporations.