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in a provident manner

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2014) ("[W]e find that the IAS court providently exercised its discretion in refusing to convert the dismissal motions into summary judgment motions[.
The court held, inter alia, that the trial court providently exercised its discretion in precluding the plaintiffs from calling an expert radiologist to testify.
Indeed, we are called upon mostly to resolve conflicts between the circuits which more providently should go to the standing committee of the Congress for resolution.
The couple spent Friday and Saturday nights in their truck, eating the nutrition bars, fruit, crackers and other snacks that they had providently packed for their trip.
Next, the sermonizing tone becomes explicit, with "He that doth the ravens feed / Yea providently caters for the sparrow / Be comfort to my age" (43-45).
Francis Galton's 1909 formulation of eugenics more directly invokes Darwin's analogy: where Darwin used human selection as the pattern for natural selection, Galton reasons that "what Nature does blindly, slowly, and ruthlessly, man may do providently, quickly, and kindly" (42).
That is to say, as you would say, everything Is threshold, and is so by way of being Providently on the way, Itself and not another thing, and so the advent Of a coming home: It is the slug's slim prayer That teaches how to pray, Riding its losses across a patch of ground, Till one believes with each leaving in the kinship Of things that do not look akin, The circle squared in a turn of the scope.
If there is signal value, and if it is providently sought, we hope it is not fleeting.
Rugeley's uncle, Lord John Lumley, wrote to Bagot about the match in terms that resonate deeply with Shakespeare's play: "the younge couple, have with more speede then was meete coupled themselves together in marriage without the consent and pryvitie of their parents, to the utter subversion and undoing of the younge couple, if yt be not providently foreseene and wrought by some speciall friend of theirs" (319; emphasis added).
The Huns] involved, in a promiscuous massacre, the priests who served at the altar, and the infants, who, in the hour of danger, had been providently baptized by the bishop; the flourishing city was delivered to the flames, and a solitary chapel of St.
There are of course those few idealists who harbor some kind of unnatural attachment to that misbegotten abomination, the European Union--that grand project for forging an identity for post-Christian civilization out of the meager provisions of heroic humanism or liberal utopianism or ethical sincerity--but, apart from a bureaucratic superstate, providently and tenderly totalitarian, one cannot say what there is to expect from that quarter: certainly nothing on the order of some great cultural renewal that might inspire a new zeal for having children.
This is grossly unfair on teams like Tranmere which have generally been providently managed.
Boucher providently used much the same stance and background in his Mine de Pompadour leaving her Dressing Table (Waddesdon Manor); leaving it presumably at the earnest request of her small dog.