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show one's ability or courage

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gluttony of resources, and an unexamined hope that by not questioning immigration one can prove oneself not only non-racist, but also willing to share with everyone.
Whether because of money for college, patriotism, family tradition, need to prove oneself or that Wendy's wasn't hiring, we all came into the service with our own hopes and dreams and desires.
Many, the author of the YA novels My Life, Take Two and These Are the Rules, tackles teen angst, the desire to prove oneself, and the search for self-understanding knowledgably and convincingly.
The need to prove oneself by accepting a dare, or better yet a double-dare, is one of the enduring rites of passage for adolescents.
The renowned chronicler of the entrepreneurial spirit, Joseph Schumpeter, aptly described the personality you have to emulate: "There is the dream and the will there is the will to conquer; the impulse to fight, to prove oneself .
She had proved it was not necessary to be born in a country in order to prove oneself a true patriot of that country.
she did not know, my ladies, what it means to prove oneself against scholars"(33); "And therefore beware, ladies, of playing tricks, especially on scholars
As the need to prove oneself became less intense, it was found that the pendulum moved back towards the disability identity (Yoshida, 1993).
Achievement," Thernstrom writes, "can stem from insecurity, a need to prove oneself better than everyone else, or from depression -- a need to make oneself feel better -- as much as it can from talent or a desire to contribute to the world.
Thus, in Kimmel's judgment, American manhood has been unsettled since the early 1800s, a proving ground that forever leaves most men feeling dissatisfied and unsteady: hence, a recurrent need and desire to prove oneself, to reshape the body in order to master the self, to denigrate blacks, Jews, Indians, and others as unmanly, to flee to the natural world of Natty Bumppo or Dances with Wolves.
The process must run its course, and the ability to prove oneself clinically is a must.
One should list a few just to prove oneself a conscientious reader.
On the other hand, particularistic criteria may mean firing with no chance to prove oneself.