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Synonyms for provably

in an obvious and provable manner

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The kernel of clean-room software-engineering assurance is trusted software engineering using structured programming with its rigorous and provably correct use of zero-and-one predicate prime programs along with proper programs composed of multiple prime programs limited to single entry and single exit.
Influenza vaccine provably prevents transmission by asymptomatic workers;
Provably secure proxy signature scheme from factorization[J], Mathematical and Computer Modelling.
There's the assassination of Iranian scientists and others within Iran, provably at the hands of Israel, for instance.
Greg Abbott seems to think that the VRA allows him to abrogate minority voting rights as long as he does so for partisan rather than overtly, provably racial reasons.
This work presents algorithms for generating provably good Delaunay meshes, with emphasis on algorithms that work best in practice.
announced development of provably secure digital signature technology based on the use of biometric information such as finger vein pattern in creating the signature.
The result is a provably integral, and manifestly nonnegative, Schubert basis expansion, which equals [sigma][bar.
The FRC routinely pushes out demonizing claims that gay people are child molesters and worse -- claims that are provably false.
To this day, Progrexion brands distinguish themselves from lesser competitors by eschewing blanket disputes in favor of an ethics-based, creditor focused approach: credit companies are asked to confirm that their credit reporting is provably fair, accurate, and timely.
The problem cannot be a formal one, as Frege Arithemtic is provably consistent and Frege's Theorem holds.
Members of our political establishment do not understand that or anything scientific; they only know how to give speeches, raise campaign funds and make provably false statements and promises.
He insisted, however, that the US icon drinks sold in over 200 countries, were provably 'soft' and recognised as such 'by the government authorities in which they are sold'.
The provably highest-scoring crossword is not known; my best attempt is shown to the left.