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Synonyms for provable

capable of being demonstrated or proved


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If, in Christianity, all must be reasonable and provable in terms of the general canons of the empirical sciences, then where is there any conceptual room for faith and belief in the religious sense of these terms?
Mackenzie reviews these plausible but not provable ideas and others that preceded what most scientists today say: A Mars-sized object (a doomed planet now called Theia) collided with Earth, and the remains of this giant explosion--the Big Splat--coalesced to form the moon.
And it shows that other revealed truths, though not provable by philosophy, do not contradict it, and are eminently acceptable by many philosophers as reasonable.
This book concludes that reincarnation memory is an absolute, scientifically provable truth, and it leads the reader to integrate science into mind and spirit.
Although not provable, God's existence is possible and, given the details of our moral life, belief in God is more than comprehensible.
This connection, even if not really provable, is tantalizing, and perhaps constitutes the most interesting thing in the book.
The trustee examines the claims of creditors and divides them into two groups -- those with claims that are provable in the bankruptcy and those with claims that are not provable.
Although practitioners' proper apprenticeship and experience are strongly emphasized in contemporary China, medical practice refers to causes that are not empirically provable.
Is there any provable relationship between sales coverage and sales results?
Global Shift to Cloud Computing Drives Demand for GuardTime's Provable Data Integrity Service
Silverstein's argument is sobering and readily provable.
So the only provable fact is that he headed the FBI for a long time.
He argues that the intuitively provable arithmetic sentences constitute a recursively enumerable set, which has a Godel sentence which is itself intuitively provable.