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feeling pleasurable satisfaction over something by which you measures your self-worth


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And of course, I am proud of living in Wales and would not want to be anywhere elseHow lucky we are
2% of people from Liverpool said they were either "very", "quite" or "a little" proud of their local community.
The council could spend a little money with the help of local shops etc, to make large posters to go up around the city centre, ie "If you're proud to be a Geordie be proud of your city
but hugely proud of the efforts of the whole squad and management team #sonearyetsofar #iamwales" Dr Geoff Davies "Absolutely gutted for the boys but we couldn't have asked for them to give more.
So proud of him Toni Mcewan Dogs that do that need getting rid of,A dog that bites people for no reason is no good.
Washington, Jan 23 ( ANI ): Arnold Schwarzenegger has confessed that he isn't proud of the things he did that resulted in the breakdown of his 25-year marriage with Maria Shriver, including fathering a child with his family's long-time housekeeper.
ISLAMABAD -- A mere number of Pakistanis say they are proud of Pakistan as it has an atomic bomb, a survey report said on Thursday.
Shahnaz Uddin, Middlesbrough: "Congratulations on winning a gold medal, you must be very proud of your achievement and I am very proud that you are from our region.
Maybe this is a bit schmaltzy but I actually felt proud of McIlroy.
2 : having a feeling of pleasure or satisfaction especially with a person's own achievements or with someone else's achievements : very pleased <They were proud of their clever child.
Adam's mother, Kelly Ann Johnson, said she is proud of her son for knowing what to do and doing it while she was at work.
We are very proud of those Tuskegee Airmen who understood their historic role in our American story and history, even while America was fighting to bring democracy to the rest of the world.
With that Air Force we'll do some work here tonight and for the next few days and we'll make you proud of us.
I am proud of the work that I do as I attempt to assist persons to get quality medical assistance and to return to work as rapidly as possible.
If this nation can be proud of anything, it can be proud of its ability to survive even the cruelest and most oppressive conditions.