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Synonyms for protuberant

curving outward

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She was, in a singular way, at once ugly and pretty; she had protuberant eyes, and lips strangely red.
This figure was clad in tweeds of a piebald check, with a pink tie, a sharp collar and protuberant yellow boots.
Both were beginning to show a protuberant stomach; Chazelle's, which was round and projecting, had the impertinence, so Bixiou said, to enter the room first; Paulmier's corporation spread to right and left.
Dr Miguna, a protuberant personality and prominent political actor, mistakenly thought that his high profile would offer him protection from the shocking arbitrariness with which he has been treated.
Perhaps because today's handgun combatives training combines hand-to-hand combat with shooting--some instructors are teaching a forward jab with the gun muzzle to deliver non-ballistic impact to the opponent--the front edge of the protuberant dust cover has sharp little teeth on it.
Classically, it presents at infancy as a single bald patch over the scalp and generally remains unchanged until puberty after which the patch becomes more thickened and protuberant and at times verrucous or nodular, with a smooth velvety surface.
11,12) Sensillum basiconicum 7, apex, protuberant, thick walled, compact, 3 apical, 2 medial, 2 lateral Labium (Figs.
Systemic examination showed protuberant abdomen with no visceromegaly.
It often causes a dome-shaped elevation of the overlying structures, forming a protuberant or polypoid nodule (Figure 3).
X displays her protuberant abdomen and says that she feels the fetus kicking.
In the more advanced stages of the disease, most patients showed grossly enlarged protuberant lips and the clinical finding of cutis laxa.
Patient develops pallor in infancy and Protuberant abdomen due to splenomegaly.
Why waste time of the audience, when you're not even able to understand the protuberant line between pret wears and formals?
PAUNCH A A move in chess B Protuberant belly C Destitute person who am I?
Where protuberant veins are a concern, sclerotherapy of the veins on the dorsum of the hand will reduce their prominence.