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Synonyms for protuberance

Synonyms for protuberance

a part that protrudes or extends outward

an unevenness or elevation on a surface

Synonyms for protuberance

the condition of being protuberant

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This design, with a protuberance that catches on the edge of the pocket and "opens the blade for you" on the draw, can be stunningly fast.
Common landmark-based techniques utilize the external occipital protuberance or superior nuchal line.
The researchers report that the origin of the ALL is situated at the prominence of the lateral femoral epicondyle; this is the protuberance above the long bone of the femur.
com/99750/another-weird-shiny-thing-on-mars-2/) pointed out to the Universe Today that in the midst of the rocky landscape, there's a tiny protuberance that looks shiny.
By then, my gaze was circling the wonders of that protuberance.
OMG (oh my God) and LOL (lough out loud or lots of love) have also been added, along with Singledom, Muffin Top (a protuberance of flesh above the waistband of a tight pair of trousers) and Wags (the wives and girlfriends of footballers).
Well-developed terminal boss or rounded protuberance posterodorsal to anus (Fig.
Scientists say one of the most interesting of the new species is the long-nosed frog, whose Pinocchio-like protuberance points upwards when the male calls, but downwards when he is less active.
Given that there are some 200 mosques throughout the land which hosts 400,000 Swiss Muslims (some 5% of the population), one would expect that the existence of extra minarets would not constitute such a protuberance on the Swiss landscape as to make anyone uncomfortableAuin actual fact some minarets are pieces of art in their own right.
They are going to have to accommodate the fact that I do, indeed, have a little protuberance, as it were.
In just over one hundred years of petroleum persistent propulsion, the mass production of the automobile has transitioned from a technological titan for independence and prosperity to an environmental effigy and a psychological protuberance.
It doesn't actually bite you, but inserts a straw-like protuberance out of the mouth area into your skin.