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drafting instrument used to draw or measure angles

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We have had problems with units marking or engraving the PRO 360 and PRO 3600 digital protractors (NSN 5210-01-494-0899 and NSN 5210-01-418-0671).
Unfortunately a machine isn't going to score any runs for you out in the middle, and you can't take a protractor with you to work out all the angles, but Merlyn certainly helps you go in with a firmer game plan against Warne.
A simple tool based on the concept of a protractor, the DuPont[TM] AccuAngle protractor is designed to improve metallic and pearlescent color matching communications and controls.
Alman, research fellow in DuPont Automotive Coatings Systems and the inventor of the AccuAngle metallic color protractor.
The Cam Plus Film is a bench-top optical device incorporating a special light source and projector screen with protractor.
is introducing the DuPont(TM) AccuAngle(TM) metallic color protractor, a simple ingenious tool based on the concept of a protractor, to easily improve metallic and pearlescent color matching communications and control.
tape ** 1 sheet of waxed paper, 22 cm by 28 cm ** glue ** pencil ** 1 piece of felt, 22 cm by 28 cm ** 10 small pebbles ** 1 box of sugar ** 1 bag of flour ** 1 box of mashed-potato flakes ** protractor
Typical tools used by clothing suppliers and the mill include optical magnification devices (with or without digital cameras), caliper gauges, a protractor, a ruler, a long measuring tape for sections, a permeability measuring gauge, fabric and felt mending or sewing kits, good flashlights, levels, and a sealing iron," noted Steve Carmichael, sales/service engineer at Weavexx, Wake Forest, North Carolina.
However, for the home gardener or do-it-yourselfer, a close approximation can be created for nearly free with a plastic protractor and a compass.
Each team receives a plastic envelope containing reproductions of artwork that portrays Yosemite, a map of the valley floor, a clinometer to measure angles, a protractor, tape measure, and these instructions: Go by foot, shuttlebus, or van, and search for the precise location from which you think the artwork was made.
Serve to say it was no Paul Schmitt protractor engineering, but it got the job done.
He compared the elasticity of the Protractor with the perineum during the crowning of the fetal head.
99 we will send you the compass set and include an invaluable Linex combination set square and protractor, a Linex 30cm college ruler, a KUM pencil sharpener and Linex eraser.
s hip Planet Salon, Ginger Boyle, to break out her protractor and do some beauty math: "This playful and modern style looks great on girls with round or square faces, and who have medium to thick coarse hair.
The fully-featured system allows magnification from 5X to 100X, motorized X, Y, Z travel of 6~ x 12~ x 3~ with automatic edge-sensing, an electronic screen protractor, erect optical image, choice of PC-based or computerized geometric readouts, RS232 interface to a printer, and optical accuracy of 0.