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drafting instrument used to draw or measure angles

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Position angles were determined using the drift method, taking the position angle directly from the protractor scale (Argyle 2004).
Editor's note: Marking the measuring surface of a protractor is like plugging up your M16's barrel.
To complement this we have got hold of a geometry set comprising of a compass, protractor, two set squares, ruler, rubber and pencil sharpener.
The Stem Nut Analysis Protractor (SNAP) tool allows maintenance teams to check stem nut thread wear using a nonintrusive method, allowing the valve to remain in service while analysis is conducted.
PROTRACTOR should have all angles covered as he lines up in the Silver Blaze Wessex Cup Handicap at Kempton.
In Investigation I, electrogoniometer to protractor correlations were high (r [greater than or equal to] 0.
Michael Hills also opened his account for the year when he partnered his father BarryEUROs newcomer Protractor to a head success in the 1m maiden.
He used the ruler and protractor to draw it, depending mainly on yellow color besides red, blue and brown colors, with different degrees.
The nifty protractor of the skies is called the attitude indicator; it accurately substitutes for that windshield bug smear your first CFI showed you back on ride one.
In much the same vein, by having students construct their own protractor, Ian Sheppard describes how this activity contributed greatly to their understanding of both the tool and the use to which the tool can be put.
In math class students measure angles with a tool called a protractor which is marked off in a measure called degrees.
FIVE-IN-ONE PROTRACTOR is designed to save time and eliminate the guesswork on miter cuts, angle readings, roof pitches and more.
She's doing geometry and using a protractor in math and she understands it all," says Shayer.
Whether it is learning to add fractions so that they can laminate small pieces of wood together to achieve a desired thickness or learning how to use a protractor to cut the correct angle on a piece of wood, the lessons add up throughout the year to give the students an edge on the [state standardized] test.