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  • noun

Synonyms for protraction

the act of making something longer or the condition of being made longer

Synonyms for protraction

the consequence of being lengthened in duration

the act of prolonging something

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Muscular injury of the branchiomandibularis muscle could have resulted in a deficit of the protraction of the tongue.
At a later point, protraction (or reinstallation) of the lever, a visual cue in and of itself, would renew extinguished stimulus control by the context (Troisi, 2011; Troisi, LeMay, & Jarbe, 2010).
RAC is the court of first instance for administrative cases concerning legitimacy of legal acts or actions of state (or municipal) administrative entities, also legitimacy or validity of their refusal to perform, or protraction of, actions within their competence when the complainant or the defendant are entities of state or municipal administration.
Forward flexion of the head and shoulder protraction also improve when wearing loupes.
The new website provides details on how Iran's mullahs could have ended the war with Iraq 19 months after it began, but the desire to export their fundamentalism to Iraq and establish an Islamic Republic was the motive for its protraction.
The longer that it takes for an international organization to agree on action can lead to the protraction of violence on the ground and damaged credibility for its member states.
Over a 4 month treatment period midface protraction occurred and significant forward movement of the maxillary incisors and molars.
He discusses principles and potential complications, clinical and design factors for success, patient consent, staff training, patient selection, planning and insertion techniques, and the principles, planning considerations, treatment options, and clinical steps for incisor retraction, molar distalization, molar protraction, intrusion and anterior openbite treatments, transverse and asymmetry corrections, and orthognathic surgical uses.
Salehi also condemned the recent Israeli act of aggression against Syria, saying the move sheds further light on the identity of those behind the protraction and escalation of violence in the Arab country.
In the third line, the prolonged, five-beat line, ending with two rhythmically promoted monosyllables in the cliched "to and fro," enacts metrically merely the desultory and pointless, unmeaning, protraction of words that is the fruitless conversation of the couple.
It has been assumed that protraction of radiation dose results in a reduction of adverse biological effects, and an important uncertainty involved in these extrapolations relates to the risk associated with acute versus protracted exposure.
Representatives of the civil movement DNES (Today), which challenged the new ordinance in Court, labeled the decision protraction and vowed to continue staging protest rallies.
This quantitative protraction (in which torrents from the piano seemed to some like a sound accompaniment for Tarkovsky's depiction of rain) provoked a series of conversations about duration and destruction, and curiosity about the motors that drive the will to capture form.
As her forehead rises and a thumb print is inserted in the shiny protraction from her upper face, one 'bagel head' fan was filmed commenting: "Oh sweet buttery bagels - I'm impressed