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the branch of zoology that studies protozoans

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Three stool samples were collected from each enrolled patient and were examined in the Department of Protozoology by the following methods.
Infections caused by free-living amebas: Historical commentaries, taxonomy and nomenclature, protozoology and clinicopathologic features.
In addition to introductory courses in biology, Wickstrom taught undergraduate and graduate courses in ecology, microbiology, protozoology, botany, ecology, and physiology of algae, nitrogen fixation, and nitrogen dynamics in aquatic systems.
In addition to the basic preventive medicine course and postgraduate roentgenology course, the school now offered a 14 week postgraduate session in preventive medicine which included instruction in bacteriology, personal hygiene, protozoology, immunology, epidemiology, helminthology, entomology, chemistry, and vital statistics.
That Dutchman Anton van Leeuwenhoek is the founder of bacteriology and protozoology (the study of protozoa--the name for animal-like single-celled organisms)?
Krassner has been a member of the American Society of Protozoology, the American Society of Tropical Medicine and Hygiene, the Corporation of the Marine Biological Laboratories, Woods Hole, MA, and Sigma Xi, among others.
This book will be valuable to students, researchers and practitioners of protozoology, coccidian biology, veterinary science and zoology.
Authors are obliged by using the Tissue Culture Facility at Laboratory of Protozoology Institute of Tropical Medicine and Hygiene Antwerp Belgium.
In: Abstracts of the annual meeting of the Israel Society for Parasitology, Protozoology and Tropical Diseases; Ramat Gan, Israel; 2009 Dec 27-28.