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Synonyms for protoplast

a first form from which varieties arise or imitations are made

Synonyms for protoplast

a biological unit consisting of a nucleus and the body of cytoplasm with which it interacts


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By the simultaneous application of two SgRNA, there was a large and significant deletion made of up to 245 kb in the chromosome in rice protoplasts (48).
High efficiency colony formation and whole plant regeneration from mesophyll protoplasts of Pelargonium X hortorum 'panache sud'.
Cell suspensions are also suitable for protoplast isolation in studies of transitory genetic expression and transformation by Agrobacterium (Torabi et al.
Influence of donor material and genotype on protoplast regeneration in banana and plantain cultivars (Musa spp.
have used EMS mutagenesis and interspecific protoplast fusion to isolate improved probiotic yeasts.
Among specific topics are the protoplast transformation of filamentous fungi, developing Impala-based transposon systems for tagging genes in filamentous fungi, identifying differently expressed fungal genes in planta by suppression subtraction hybridization, applying laser micro-dissection to study plant-fungal pathogen interactions, measuring protein kinase and sugar kinase activity in plant pathogenic Fusarium species, and evaluating anti-fungal susceptibility using flow cytometry.
Light and electron microscopic studies of protoplast development during Entomophaga grylli pathotype 2 infections in Melanoplus differentialis.
The use of cellulases in animal feed, fruit processing, textile wet processing, preparation of dehydrated vegetables, food products, essential oils, flavours, starch processing, botanical extract, pulp and paper production, jams, juices, production of plant protoplast for genetic manipulation, wine production and pharmaceutical and biomass conversion have greatly increased the prospects of enzymatic hydrolysis over chemical processes (Mach, and Zeilinger, 2003, Mekala et al.
The two methods used in the lab are protoplast formation and spore germination.
Japan Science and Technology Corporation (Saitama, Japan), National Institute of Agrobiological Sciences (Ibaraki, Japan), and Forestry and Forest Products Research Institute (Ibaraki, Japan) have patented a method for producing non-cellulosic callose fiber by using plant protoplast, which imposes less burden to the environment with reduced energy consumption compared to conventional natural fibers is provided; it comprises the addition of an inorganic ion to a plant protoplast cultivation system, which leads the plant protoplast to produce non-cellulosic callose fiber.