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the substance of a living cell (including cytoplasm and nucleus)

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I think they would, I think they would, the supine protoplasmic invertebrate jellies.
Protoplasmic astrocytes in CA1 stratum radiatum occupy separate anatomical domains.
Even rock and stone burst into dissolution in this orgiastic miasma of a protoplasmic nightmare.
At other times, Freud uses the metaphor of protoplasmic liquid, which is a little thicker than sheer water.
In considering units of evolution, I argued that you have at each step to include the completed pathways outside the protoplasmic aggregate, be it DNA-in-the-cell, or cell-in-the-body, or body-in-the-environment.
In his manga series, Knights of Sidonia (Shidonia no kishi 2009-2015), Nihei Tsutomu seems to thematize precisely this animalized notion of character by making the antagonists, or gauna, themselves shapeless, protean, protoplasmic.
Mangrove species have developed a variety of biochemical mechanisms leading to increases in protoplasmic tolerance to salt.
Thus the fungus brings out the terrifying news that is only implicit in protoplasmic physicalism: life is always already dead.
The slime mold based gates are non-electronic, simple and inexpensive, and several gates can be realized simultaneously at the sites where protoplasmic tubes merge," conclude Adamatzky and Schubert.
This number of polar tubule coils and the absence of deep protoplasmic extensions are features of A.
In this context, the oxidation and dissolution of protoplasmic fractions and from water soluble compounds comprise the main processes responsible for the rapid mass loss in the early stages of decomposition (Bianchini Junior and Cunha-Santino, 2011).
There are two different types of astrocytes, that is, protoplasmic astrocytes and fibrous astrocytes.
In every wish, thought and action he is seeking to escape the same protoplasmic disquietude that impels the meanest flesh crawling beneath his feet.
Lysis of cell with residual membranes and empty protoplasmic space and numerous membrane blebs are shown in Figure 15, too.