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Synonyms for protoplasm

the substance of a living cell (including cytoplasm and nucleus)

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SARCOLOGY A Study of protoplasm B Anatomy of the fleshy parts C Eating meat who am I?
Rob's eleventh-hour confession is touching--for once not in spite of but because of all the zany Zinkisms: "I always wanted to be a heavy-hung stud and impale women on my prong until they're helpless, quivering protoplasm.
The bottom of the sea, the top of the sky, the swirling psychedelic gasses of outer space, the writhing protoplasm of inner life: When you're gawking at images like these and they cast a spell of such majestic awe, they need no further justification.
Protoplasm to plant regeneration in cotton (Gossypium hirsutum L.
7 Due to the heat generated by the curing unit and the exothermic nature of the polymerization process itself, the rise in temperature may cause coagulation of protoplasm, expansion and outflow of fluid from the dentinal tubules, changes in blood vessel structure and tissue necrosis.
The effect of nitrogen in increasing biomass is not only due to its direct effect on the plant growth as structural constituents but also because of rapid synthesis of carbohydrates that are converted to proteins and ultimately to protoplasm when N supply is in ample quantities.
Right from the get-go, she affirms her versatility by playing a new character for her, a powerful and abrasive property magnate who reduces her victims to quivering masses of protoplasm.
Four extracted options of cervical cell square measure used as computer file to the networks, that square measure the scale of nucleus and protoplasm and its gray level.
Amid the Chanel No 5 and the designer-handbag leather of the yummy mummies shimmered the neglected protoplasm of middle-class religiosity.
Rhythm is the protoplasm, the cell that permits the melody to find life.
I too am allowed to believe, and it is far more logical to see that the immense variety of animate creatures on this planet came from the hand of an omniscient all powerful God than to suppose that these teeming millions all evolved from one eyeless, earless, brainless speck of protoplasm, always assuming that water of itself could produce the protoplasm in the first place.
It includes phonetic pronunciations of key words; new features on how each body system interacts with others; new information on abdominal quadrants, the urethra and urination, and umami; expanded information on homeostasis, chemical bonds, protoplasm, bones of the pelvic girdle, muscular disorders, brain injuries, classification of hormones, the super bugs MRSA (methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus) and C.
The heat transferred to the pulp causes various histopathologic changes such as formation of blisters, ectopic odontoblasts, protoplasm coagulation and expansion of the liquid in the dentinal tubules.
But when the differences_ enter my body by triggering an end organ, this type of travel is replaced by travel which is energized at every step by the metabolic energy latent in the protoplasm which receives the difference, recreates or transforms it, and passes it on.