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undifferentiated tissue from which new cells are formed, as at the tip of a stem or root

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The protoderm, the fundamental meristem, and the procambium can be identified throughout the embryonic structure by the shapes of their cells, sizes, and positions.
The histological studies indicated differentiation of the pro-embryos at the end of the induction phase, consisting in an increase of mitotic division at suspensor level and the embryogenic pole; at the end of this phase took place the development of a spherical multicellular callus mass covered by a unilayered protoderm.
A globular structure with protoderm and a suspensor was observed, characterizing the first stage of somatic embryo development (Fig.
Embryologically, this epithelium represents the fusion point of 2 epithelial derivatives from different germ layers, one from the endodermal hindgut lining the superior part of the primitive anal canal, and the other from the ectodermal protoderm lining the inferior part.
The protoderm, the meristem tissue that gives rise to the epidermis, produces all the dermal, or outer, tissues of the plant.
Initially, groups of protoderm cells of the stipule elongate anticlinally and form dense cytoplasm and large nuclei (Fig.