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Synonyms for protocol

Synonyms for protocol

strict observance of social conventions

Synonyms for protocol

forms of ceremony and etiquette observed by diplomats and heads of state

Related Words

code of correct conduct

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Giuliano arrived in Spain in 1619 as Florence's new ambassador and made protocolary visits to all the influential nobles in the capital.
Allow me to tell you that in a southern comer of the Americas known for its uprisings and armed conflicts, a peaceful revolution is occurring," the president said to the ambassadors of the 33 OAS member states during a protocolary session.
Protocolary Session of the Permanent Council of the Organization of American States.
Except for a few protocolary activities such as mutual visits between heads of state and politicians, and a few conferences whose recommendations and results can be foretold before they are even held, no significant events are expected to take place.
In addition to the proceedings of the National Assembly and committees, the new network will also broadcast the official and protocolary events of the Assembly or of the Government and public interest events such as conventions, seminars, forums, press conferences, Government agency hearings or communiques intended for Members' constituents.