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Synonyms for protocol

Synonyms for protocol

strict observance of social conventions

Synonyms for protocol

forms of ceremony and etiquette observed by diplomats and heads of state

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code of correct conduct

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The 2000 version permitted an alternate transfer protocol (email) and alternate file formats (PDF and JFIF [JPEG]).
The New Dutch Protocol will promote the growth of trade and investment between our two countries and thus benefit both economies.
To address this inability to support many database and application networked storage requirements, LeftHand Networks developed a blockbased protocol for TCP/IP networks in 2001.
A new royalty structure, calculated as a simple percentage of the licensee's revenues from products incorporating Microsoft's protocol technology.
One outstanding question is whether these shifting views on global warming will increase support for the Kyoto Protocol in Congress.
The Protocols have been known to be a forgery since 1921, when The Times of London revealed that they had been largely copied from an 1864 political tract by a Frenchman, Maurice Joly.
This protocol will be used for a sampled resident flagged for the sentinel even t of dehydration on the Resident Level Summary; a sampled resident who has one or more QIs, such as fecal impaction, urinary tract infections, weight loss, tube feeding or decline in ADLs; and a sampled resident with any risk factors, including vomiting, diarrhea and elevated temperature.
Indonesia Protocol to 1988 treaty signed July 24, 1996; approved by the Senate Sept.
Figure 1, below, illustrates a protocol summarizing the process of administration and clinical care pertaining to a portion of the mammogram delivery process.
Spirent Protocol Tester was named by Reed Electronics' publication Test & Measurement World as Best In Test for 2006.
In fact, the implementation guidelines (Lagoze, Van de Sompel, Nelson, & Warner, 2002b) are deliberately nonspecific so as to provide room for community-specific applications of the protocol (Lagoze & Van de Sompel, 2003).
Specifically, the New Protocol eliminates barriers to trade and investment between the two countries, resolves uncertainties under the Old Treaty, curtails abusive use of the treaty, and promotes improved cooperation in international enforcement of the tax laws of both countries.
DH-CHAP: Diffie-Hellman Challenge Handshake Authentication Protocol
Aurora is the first protocol to provide a transparent interface to upper layers of proprietary or industry standard protocols, such as Ethernet or TCP/IP, allowing any data packet to be encapsulated and sent between chips, boards and boxes.
Under the Gothenburg Protocol to Abate Acidification, Eutrophication, and Ground-Level Ozone, 27 nations (including the United States and Canada) agreed that international transport of these pollutants is significant enough to warrant international action.