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the anterior part of an insect's thorax

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Prothorax without spines ventrally, tegmina with dots
In the laboratory of phytopathology at the UFSM, Melolonthidae larvae were superficially disinfected and rinsed in sterile distilled water, dissected and separated in parts: month parts, prothorax, cuticule, and digestive tract (alimentary canal) which were then placed in the eppendorf tubes containing 100mL of 0.
Antennae extending to the medial side of the prothorax, first tarsal segment almost as long as the length of 2nd and 3rd together .
Flea bodies have three major parts: head (triangular in shape with club-shaped antennae and downward pointed mouthparts), thorax (contains three pairs of legs and has three distinct segments called the prothorax, mesothorax, and metathorax), and abdomen (contains 10 segments in adults with the caudal segment containing a dorsal sensilium that detects vibrations and temperature changes for host detection).
4) combined with an adult insect prothorax showed that this internal wood damage was caused by metallic wood borers (Buprestis aurulenta).
To discourage predators, these caterpillars can release a noxious odor from a gland in their prothorax (the portion of the middle section of the body closest to the head).
27) from which easily be differentiated by the shape of the prothorax and the unique shape of the marginal squamules of the elytra.
This new species is distinguishable from its closely related species Tettigonia viridissima (Linnaeus, 1758) by U" shaped markings at posterior sulcus of the pronotum and two thin spines on the ventral surface of the prothorax.
In adults (n=9) these were the femoral lobes of hind and mid legs, dorsal prothorax and wings.
Body blackish brown; the living adults have red hypodermal pigment which combined with the blackish cuticle results in dark abdominal segments with a red band in the posterior edge; the same red bands are observed at the end of the head, the prothorax and the metathorax; in addition, in weakly sclerotized individuals the tube is reddish; brown yellowish setae; middle part of the fore tibiae and tarsi brown yellowish; lateral margin of fore tibia dark brown; antennal segments dark brown except segment III brownish yellow and pale brown distally; fore wings slightly shaded around margins and in a medial longitudinal line (Fig.
Head and prothorax continuously covered by appressed tomentum; prothorax with a deep, dense and regular punctation.
Skelett und Muskulatur des Kopfes und Prothorax von Ochterus marginatus Laterille.
The adult is defined by unique genital characters, and the pupa with a medial depression on the vertex and with two anterolateral horn-like structures on the prothorax.