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17,18) Inspissated, proteinaceous secretions associated with chronic obstructive non-fungal sinus disease may also demonstrate increased attenuation on unenhanced CT and very low signal intensity on both T1- and T2-weighted MR images.
Magnusson and Schnurer (2001) found that the antifungal proteinaceous compound produced by the Lactobacillus.
In the context of our patient, the T1-weighted hyper-intensity was likely due to proteinaceous fluid, and the contrast enhancement indicated active inflammation.
18) In addition, histopathological examination of the epithelial sheets showed epithelial separation was at an interface overlying Bowman's layer and included a proteinaceous material that had replaced the anterior basement membrane (ABM).
However, proteinaceous particles that form by self-association of protein molecules (termed "protein particles" in this paper) are known to give particle concentrations that differ by a factor of ten or more on different types of particle counting instruments [3-5].
Uniquely for this size range, Archimedes distinguishes between proteinaceous material and contaminants such as silicone oil.
GF-120 includes in its formulation attractants such as Solulys[R] (the proteinaceous component from corn steep liquor) and ammonium acetate, feeding stimulants such as Invertose[R] (high fructose corn syrup that also has the greatest humectant properties of the sugars), dispersant- conditioners such as polyethylene glycol (also a humectant), water, and spinosad as the toxicant (Moreno & Mangan 2002), as well as proprietary refinements that improve the overall effectiveness of the bait.
The centromere is the chromosomal domain that directs the formation of the kinetochore, a proteinaceous structure that interacts with the spindle microtubules to ensure proper chromosmal segregation.
The production of peptides through hydrolytic reactions seems to be the most promising technique to form proteinaceous antioxidants since peptides have substantially higher antioxidant activity than intact proteins.
Fine needle aspiration biopsy revealed lymphocytes, oncocytic cells and proteinaceous debris.
2010) reported production by Lactobacillus brevis of a proteinaceous substance with antifungal activity.
This research should help brewers in selecting proper proteinaceous components that might enrich beer flavor and texture.
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