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By virtue of this chelating potential, supplemental microbial phytase may have protein-sparing effects in fish diets by releasing phytate-bound protein and improving its bioavailability.
An adequate energy intake in the range of 30 to 35 kcal/kg will also provide protein-sparing effect and promote positive nitrogen balance (Kopple, 2001).
They were assigned to mandatory group sessions emphasizing weight loss through behavioral change and supervised protein-sparing fasting.
He and his colleagues at the Committed to Kids program in New Orleans and Chicago have developed an aggressive, year-long, multidisciplinary program featuring a protein-sparing modified fast followed by a balanced hypocaloric diet, a moderate, progressive exercise program, nutrition education, and behavior modification.
Jacqueline was put on a completely fat-free and salt-free diet of steamed fish or grilled chicken - known as a protein-sparing modified fast - supplemented by vegetables and fruit, in a bid to cut down her calorie consumption and reduce her blood pressure.
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