protein folding

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the process whereby a protein molecule assumes its intricate three-dimensional shape

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The researchers at Northwestern University ran extensive molecular simulations to show that the RHP would interact favorably with protein surfaces, wrap around protein surfaces in organic solvents and weakly in water, leading to correct protein folding and stability in a non-native environment.
The processes in protein folding are generally classified into two categories, which are characterized by the molecular size.
A similar, but larger scale problem is the kinetic mechanism of a protein folding to a specific state amidst many possible structures.
A new electron diffraction technique allows the bending and shifting of these ions--a process that takes mere picoseconds--to be directly imaged for the first time, The system could unlock the secrets of more complex motions, like protein folding.
A sampling of topics: adventures in physical chemistry, simplified models of biological networks, eukaryotic mechanosensitive channels, theoretical perspectives on protein folding, the protein shell structure and evolution of bacterial microcompartment organelles, phase separation in biological membranes, expanding roles for diverse physical phenomena during the origin of life, structure and activation of the visual pigment rhodopsin, single-molecule studies of the replisome, chromatin dynamics, synthetic biology as a tool to integrate the organizational principles of living systems, structural and functional insights into the myosin motor mechanism, and lipids and cholesterol as regulators of traffic in the endomembrane systems.
Products are available for the study of apoptosis, chromatin regulation, cytoskeletal signaling, DNA damage, lymphocyte signaling, MAP kinase signaling, protein folding, translation control, and other phosphorylation events.
The aim of a protein folding simulation is to determine the native state of a protein from its amino acid sequence.
Stanford UniversityCOs distributed computing programme Folding@home has become a major force in researching cures to life-threatening diseases such as cancer, cystic fibrosis, and ParkinsonCOs disease by combining the computing horsepower of millions of processors to simulate protein folding.
Computer simulations help, but because a single protein folding requires just 10 [micro]sec, a model requires years or even decades to complete.
Also published quarterly, "Prion" is an international journal that focuses on protein folding and mis-folding, protein assembly disorders, and protein-based and structural inheritance.
William Skach, who studies protein folding at Oregon Health and Science University in Portland, notes that differences in proteins that have identical amino acids "could be very widespread and not appreciated at all right now.
Protein folding is influenced by the change in enthalpy ([DELTA]H) of the structure.
These systems are running simulations for the Large Hydron Collider, SETI, protein folding, etc.
Obtaining insights into protein folding should help researchers to understand the development of such ailments as Alzheimer's disease, mad cow disease and cystic fibrosis, all caused by mistakes in or slowing of the protein folding process.