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Table 14: Protein Content in Various Plant-based Food Types
Table 15: Average Amount of Protein Present in Different
Although the receptor specificity of the hemagglutinin protein is a factor that appears to be important for human adaptation of avian strains, other poorly understood factors also participate in this adaptation (28).
Tofu is a versatile food and can be substituted for meat in most recipes, though to get the same amount of protein you will need to consume more.
Richard Goodman, a research professor of food science and technology at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln, says that, in addition to bioinformatics tools, researchers may also need to use nuclear magnetic resonance spectroscopy or crystallography to examine tiny differences in surface structure to fully understand protein structures' role in allergenicity.
The team began by immersing a gold plate in a solution containing normally folded molecules of the protein, some of which spontaneously formed a chemical bond between one of their ends and the surface of the plate.
The cellular processes involved in post-translational modifications are highly dynamic and very localized, such that modifications can be added or removed very rapidly to a small portion of each protein population as the cell requires.
for their discovery of the molecular machinery that cells use to dispose of defective or unnecessary proteins.
is a global leader in the therapeutic protein industry, providing a wide range of innovative, high-quality therapies and unique support services to patients worldwide.
Proteins in Food Processing is a comprehensive and authoritative reference for the food processing industry.
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The availability of the neutron diffractometer led to the determination of a number of protein structures.
Because of the health risk associated with latex protein, latex-based products that are likely to come into contact with humans require removal of the protein and careful monitoring of the protein content in the finished products.
A BLAST search restricted to mammalian protein sequences was performed through the NCBI Web page (http://www.