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a person who receives support and protection from an influential patron who furthers the protege's career

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I can't congratulate you on your proteges," he remarked.
Well, the king refused it to Monsieur's protege, in order to bestow it upon the Chevalier d'Artagnan, a younger brother of some Gascon family, who has been trailing his sword in the ante-chambers during the last thirty years.
he is not my protege, you know; only I knew an uncle of his who sent me a letter about him.
When I informed him that your lordship was the protege of Monsieur de Treville, and that you even had a letter for that illustrious gentleman, he appeared to be very much disturbed, and asked me where that letter was, and immediately came down into the kitchen, where he knew your doublet was.
He was charged to tell the Comte de la Fere, that she had learned of the return of her youthful protege, and also the manner he had conducted himself on the field, and she added that she should be very glad to offer him her congratulations.
William and Fanny soon shewed themselves; and Sir Thomas had the pleasure of receiving, in his protege, certainly a very different person from the one he had equipped seven years ago, but a young man of an open, pleasant countenance, and frank, unstudied, but feeling and respectful manners, and such as confirmed him his friend.
It's that protege of yours, that sweet Princess Drubetskaya, that Anna Mikhaylovna whom I would not take for a housemaid.
And in the midst of mutual tears--for the emotions of the younger woman had awakened the sympathies of the elder--this promise was solemnly given by Miss Crawley, who left her little protege, blessing and admiring her as a dear, artless, tender-hearted, affectionate, incomprehensible creature.
In general, results from these meta-analyses suggest that mentoring relationships provide positive outcomes for proteges especially in a career setting, such as higher job satisfaction, salaries, and supervisor support (e.
It has been suggested that research be conducted in this area: "It is also recommended that researchers examine the possibility that mentoring relationships that are viewed by mentors or proteges as 'high cost', may be viewed later on as positive growth experiences" (Eby, 2007: 339).
Many organizations use highly structured, formal programs to facilitate the mentoring process and match potential mentors with potential proteges.
Telementoring services, made up with five different instruments, were administered to a group of proteges, composed of 38 university students.
Dean Malmgren and colleagues found that older, late-career mentors were too far removed from the experiences of young proteges to train them effectively, and those proteges subsequently mentored fewer proteges of their own.
Gains insight from the proteges background and history that can be used in the mentor's professional and personal development
THE NLN/JOHNSON & JOHNSON FACULTY LEADERSHIP AND MENTORING PROGRAM, funded by J&J for a third cohort of mentors and proteges to begin working together in September, aims to prepare early or mid-career faculty members as leaders through ongoing one-to-one mentorship.