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a state or territory partly controlled by (but not a possession of) a stronger state but autonomous in internal affairs

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Saleem Qadri, an officer at the Sealine protectorate, said his rescue team comprises nine highly-qualified inspectors and maintains close co-ordination with the Rescue Police (Al Fazaa).
I believe that some refinement of the present arrangements under UNISFA that would turn the area into an international protectorate to ensure security, provide services and generate socio-economic development is the most practical way forward," said Deng who hails from Abyei region.
The colonial government owned no land in the protectorate as the "97 treaties" surrendered to HMS denied it authority on the land.
1 (Petra) -- One hundred mountain goats were released on Wednesday in the southern Wadi Rum Protectorate.
1655: Forces of the English Protectorate, thwarted in their main aim in the Caribbean of capturing Hispaniola, instead began a successful invasion of the lightly-defended Spanish possession of Jamaica.
Ecclesiastical Colony: China's Catholic Church and the French Religious Protectorate.
The film festival aims to reinforce the existing cultural and friendly ties between Togo and Germany, dating back to 1884 after the signing of the protectorate treaty.
The country was divided into an Eastern and Western protectorate, as well as Aden colony.
of Life Sciences) draws not only on academic studies, but also on the experience of his own grandparents and parents, who lived through the partitioning of the frontiers region between the Empire of Ethiopia and the British East African Protectorate of Kenya.
My recollection is that Britain was bound by the protectorate treaty to grant full independence to South Arabia with all its sultanates, in January 1968.
Afterwards they were placed under the protection of France and remained a French protectorate until the fall of France in 1940.
The late sovereign, may he rest in peace, devoted his life to the liberation of Morocco and categorically refused any compromise with the protectorate authorities, which sent him into exile along with the Royal Family.
SDi, based in Neptune, NJ, is the sole distributor of No Climb fire alarm testing products to the North & South America, Canada, Mexico and US Protectorate markets.
Since then, that remote land had been a protectorate of the People's Republic and few of today's students realize that it was once an inaccessible and romantic kingdom forbidden to foreigners.
Louis Brandeis, America's first Jewish Supreme Court justice (appointed by Wilson in 1916), convinced him to accept a British protectorate in Palestine and to back the Balfour Declaration, which called for the establishment of a homeland for Jews in Palestine.