protective tariff

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a tariff imposed to protect domestic firms from import competition

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The National Turkey Federation, National Chicken Council, National Cattlemen's Beef Association and the American Meat Institute earlier began a campaign to convince members of the House Ways and Means Committee to allow the 30-year-old tax credits and protective tariff to lapse as scheduled.
A protective tariff was first introduced in 1994, because of concerns that American exporters were dumping cut-priced ethanolamines on European markets, damaging EU producers.
The theoretical demonstration of the consequences of the protective tariff and of free trade is the keystone of classical economics.
The first is a system that acts as a protective tariff or customs duty, which taxes goods imported from other states, but does not tax similar products produced in-state; see West Lynn Creamery, Inc.
All we have to do is reflect on the international steel price when the US government placed a protective tariff on their steel industry during 2003.
T]he protective tariff yields little gain to the laborer, because continued immigration brings him new competitors.
If a 60% ad valorem tariff has as its purpose to keep a product out of a country, the tariff is a protective tariff.
It was the government that gave the manufacturers of farm machinery a monopoly of the domestic market by a protective tariff that was no longer necessary to shelter "infant industries.
To make the situation worse for foreign suppliers, Japan may raise its protective tariff on beef products to 50 percent in order to safeguard local producers who are facing slack demand for their product.
Australia used to have a very protective tariff regime to protect Australian industry.
On the 11th of March, Honduras dropped the 11 percent protective tariff on Nicaraguan goods.
The Economy Ministry has also identified pork as a product that could merit a protective tariff.
Republicans were the party of the protective tariff, Democrats were opposed to the "tariff system.
The 1897 transfer was intended to avoid the protective tariff imposed on US-made goods by Liberal Finance Minister W.
An examination of our industrial background reveals that high rates of duties and sales tax on plant and machinery ranging from 70% to 100%, mark-up rate of 14% in good old days and now between 20% to 25% compelled our industrialists to go for plants not employing state-of-the-art technology, which were commercially viable mainly because of protective tariff.