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a developer of protective coverings for handheld electronic devices, and Applesauce Polish, a provider of polishes for electronic devices, today announced they have signed a joint marketing agreement to provide scratch removal and protection products for the Apple iPod(R) nano.
Near-term projects anticipated at McAlester include providing protective covering for 74 earthen bunkers, construction of a new 40' by 50' dining hall, construction of parking shelters and renovation of a 1940's ammunition production facility.
ABR is usually performed to help diagnose causes of hearing loss and dizziness, and diseases, such as multiple sclerosis in which the protective covering of nerves is damaged.
Goods and assets can easily be tracked with RFID tags, which include a computer chip and its antenna encased in a protective covering of some type depending on the application.
European surgeons who have been working with CardioWrap(TM), report that it provides a superior protective covering for the healing heart, because it has ideal handling characteristics, proven biocompatibility, predictable resorption, and it is invisible on x-ray," stated Matthew Scott, vice president of sales.
The loss of protective enamel or cementum exposes the dentine, the protective covering of the tooth nerve.
The walkways along the track and the protective covering over each turn are made with Trex Company's (NYSE: TWP) Trex(R) Wood-Polymer(TM) lumber, a wood-plastic composite that resists moisture, sunlight and insects to prevent rotting, splintering and cracking.
TheraPatch Psoriasis offers a protective covering for the affected area; it is easy to use and eliminates the inconvenience of messy creams and gels.
The torch has been carefully packed in foam and protective covering to shield it against damage from the dynamic nature of the launch," Dr Thomas said.
Increased, load-distributing protective coverings of floors,
Other potential areas of application are for work clothing, protective clothing for motorcyclists and cyclists, and all kinds of protective coverings.
Resultant elastomers are said to be suited to applications in harsh enviromnents, such as oil pipeline "pigs" and protective coverings on mining chutes and screens.
SALT LAKE CITY -- ZAGG Inc (OTCBB: ZAGG), a leading manufacturer of protective coverings and accessories for consumer electronics, will report earnings for the third quarter ended September 30, 2007 on Wednesday, November 14, 2007.
SALT LAKE CITY -- ZAGG Inc[TM] (OTCBB: ZAGG), a leading manufacturer of protective coverings for consumer electronics, today announced that Robert G.
These discs are protective coverings formed by immature lerp psyllids or nymphs.
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