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62 000 mattresses with protective cover, 2400 mattress protection covers;
TEPCO began preparatory work to dismantle the protective cover over the Reactor 1 building in May.
This approval comes on top of the regulatory approval received earlier for the use of Devguard in tomatoes and cucumbers under protective cover.
Alan Shearer should be cleared to play against Fulham tomorrow after the former England captain was fitted with a protective cover to guard against further damage to his broken knuckle.
He draws a protective cover around it, symbolizing the ozone layer.
EaZip [R] consists of a rip-off upper section of the straw cover with the tear point clearly indicated by a red colour strip, therefore facilitating the removal of the straw from the protective cover, which is attached to the carton.
To use, simply twist off the protective cover, place the device against the patient's sample site and press the colored button to retrieve the blood sample.
Everything would be a lot easier if we jointly owned the ground because then we could share the cost of installing under-soil heating or putting some kind of protective cover over the pitch to ensure games can go ahead," said Pearce.
The SoftBook Reader(R) is a larger format e-book, 6" wide by 8" tall, with a leather built-in protective cover.
Saab said on Tuesday that it was recalling 26,000 cars to install a protective cover on the electronic control module for airbags.
The use of argon as the plasma gas also provides a protective cover for the melt, helping miminize gas pickup and reoxidation.
The Incase product offering includes a new Leather Sleeve, Neoprene Sleeve, Sports Armband and Protective Cover.
Limited Tenders are invited for Procurement Of Sealing Set For Kuhme Valve Type Kvf Dn 1/2 Inch And Protective Cover Protective Cover 5 Items
To protect the console while it's not flying, have your AVIM shop make a protective cover.
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