protective coloration

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coloration making an organism less visible or attractive to predators

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Early on, Donn, the middle-class LSD-dealer, began adopting protective coloration, learning to mimic skillfully the stride of the low-riders: outward-splayed feet swung forward at the end of stiff but loose-hanging legs by a lift of the pelvis, like a cross between Pinocchio and a penguin.
But that power grab could not have succeeded without the complicity of the media moguls on both sides of the Atlantic, who portrayed earlier manifestations of the EU as a "free trade" agreement, thereby providing protective coloration for their counterparts in the political elite.
The idea of camouflage or protective coloration is intriguing.
The black-backed woodpecker, for example, has evolved protective coloration that mimics the trunks of charred trees, and species such as olive-sided flycatchers use snags left by wildfires as perch sites.
While scientists are socialized to qualify their findings, journalists may see qualifications as protective coloration.