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the policy of imposing duties or quotas on imports in order to protect home industries from overseas competition

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America advanced not by a free market waiting for something to happen but by deliberately promoting the desired results: protectionism through tariffs.
Angela Merkel and Indian Prime Minister Narendra modi deplored the practice of protectionism with the Indian prime minister equating the practice of  protectionism with Terrorism and climate change.
The post After US solar tariff, China calls protectionism a two-edged sword appeared first on Cyprus Mail .
Protectionism breeds inefficiencies and is not going to help anyone.
Economists are totally in agreement that protectionism is really bad economic policy," Dr.
In practice, there is little difference between Le Pen's "smart protectionism" and Melenchon's "solidary protectionism.
Speaking on global security challenges at an international security conference on Wednesday, Jaitley listed economic protectionism as a top concern, right after talking about unpredictability in ties between major powers.
Lopez said that the Asean leaders might release a general statement against protectionism as the Asean Summit concludes tomorrow.
ISLAMABAD -- Possible protectionism in advanced economies should not deter export-oriented growth in South Asia, a region that could even benefit from the backlash against globalization, said a new World Bank report released in Washington .
While protectionism is here to stay, upside to prices should be capped and downside limited, writes Carsten Menke, Commodities Research Analyst, Julius Baer
anti-dumping and countervailing duty investigations into steel plates from countries and regions including China imprudent and blamed protectionism for the troubles of American steel.
Panellists' concerns were not related to Omanisation per se, but to the protectionism that is taking place once Omanis have been hired.
The APEC countries have also prolonged their obligation to refrain from protectionism till the end of 2018.
International trade in the 1970s; the US, the EC and the growing pressure of protectionism.
Negotiators must inject new life into global trade talks within weeks or risk seeing the world slide down the road to protectionism and regional deals, the new leader of the WTO said Monday.