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the policy of imposing duties or quotas on imports in order to protect home industries from overseas competition

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The basic idea underlying protectionism is relatively simple: protect fledgling competitors in the early stages of their development so they have an opportunity to grow into robust competitors able to stand on equal footing with larger rivals.
Delving into the widely accepted notion that protectionism began in the 1970s, La Barca (Swansea U.
All of us need to stick to our pledge to fight back against protectionism.
By the 1930s, however, governments had recognized that domestic laws (such as discriminatory government procurement and discriminatory taxes) could also be used for protectionism.
He said, 'Current concerns related to international spill overs of unconventional monetary policy in the major advanced economies must not lead to a rise in financial protectionism.
Significant and growing trade imbalances and rising protectionism lead experts to conclude that WTO trade, as it is playing out, is not mutually beneficial.
Accordingly, the center-right French politician criticized what he saw as trends in the socialist government in France towards protectionism and closing down the national market.
We both (China and the European Union) follow free and open economic and trade policies, reject trade protectionism and work to advance economic globalisation," Wen told a business conference on the sidelines of the summit.
Addiction to the medicine of protectionism may temporarily relieve the pain, the acute symptoms, but it slows down the recovery of the global economy, hampers trade and investments," Putin said.
Trade ministers from the Group of 20 industrialized and emerging economies generally agreed to jointly fight protectionism as they wrapped up their first gathering Friday in Puerto Vallarta, western Mexico.
Brown, who was speaking at the World Economic Forum's Summit on the Global Agenda, said the world was facing a "new but avoidable downturn" and warned of the perils of protectionism.
Coming at this from another angle, don't we actually need from the EU a policy of active protectionism in favour of the industries in which all this new rebalancing investment everyone now talks about is made?
Protectionism among the richer powers (G-7) is the biggest threat to the EEs whose declining exports because of the 2008/-9 global recession caused their economy to stagnate.
Comparing countries, there was no relationship between either the depth and duration of the output collapse and the increase in levels of protection, or the magnitude of the rise in unemployment and the extent of protectionism.
In effect, the EU, in establishing the globalisation adjustment fund, is creating a fund with members' contributions (ie taxpayers' money) to foster old fashioned protectionism to the tune of 400m euros since 2007.