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In Scotland, a whole range of factors have been identified, which appear to affect the full implementation of child protection issues in education including appropriate training, support and liaison with external agencies (Baginsky, 2001).
Protection of the new lines and cables was provided by Schweitzer's SEL-311L Current Differential System.
Firewalls, VPNs, and physical protection do not address the unique attributes of distributed stored data and tape media.
We number our protection gaps from A to D: A, between center and guard; B, between guard and tackle; C, outside the tackle; and D, any onside rusher.
But if protection against sexually transmitted infections or diseases is as much a concern as pregnancy, the most effective method - apart from abstinence - is the condom.
Experience and technology from developed countries should be introduced to achieve harmony between the use of natural resources and the protection of the environment, and to develop and construct new small townships in China.
Head protection, in the form of protective hats, must do two things - resist penetration and absorb the shock of a blow.
At last report, Abacon had sought bankruptcy protection, as had Alan and a number of Abacon's other directors and officers.
Cathodic protection acts to attract particles and impurities from the water thereby arresting the corrosion in a steel boiler.
With a history of over 20 years, the Chinese environmental protection industry is developing along with the environmental protection course.
Categories of business value related to data protection service levels include inherent data value, worker productivity, customer satisfaction, and corporate/market confidence.
FilesX, a leading provider of next-generation Continuous Data Protection and CDP On-Demand[TM] technology, today announced the availability of its Xpress Restore[TM] data protection and recovery software on Windows-based 64-bit technology platforms.
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