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Synonyms for protected

kept safe or defended from danger or injury or loss

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guarded from injury or destruction


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For the last five years of conducting the region-wide PAMB summit, the DENR CALABARZON opted putting focus on capacitating the members of the PAMBs for the improvement of the conservation, protection and rehabilitation of their respective protected areas; sustainable development of protected areas through ecotourism enterprise; water conservation and management in protected areas; challenges and opportunities in managing protected areas; and enhancement of protected area management so as to uplift human life.
86-272 does not provide guidance as to whether delivery by a company in its own vehicles will comprise a protected activity under Federal law.
Many behaviors are not protected by the Constitution, and aggravated bullying is one of them.
The Pacific Life annuity that Swinton has allows her to increase her protected amount after a year.
PLANS NOT PROTECTED FROM CREDITORS are those that cover only the business owner and/or the owner's spouse and section 403(b) tax-sheltered annuity plans whose assets are held in custodial accounts rather than in trusts.
Those policies aim to balance harvesting with conservation by "sharing permanent increases in wood supplies between gaps in parks and protected areas.
But in 1951, Josef Stalin cut the reserves down to fewer than four million acres, opening up protected areas for exploitation.
The lists of blocked sites, search/block keywords, methods used to compile and categorize the lists, and blocking criteria and standards are protected by the company as confidential trade secret information.
Wilderness designation is the best way to be sure land is protected in its natural state in perpetuity,'' said Paul Spitler, executive director of the California Wilderness Coalition.
In that ruling, an HIV-positive plaintiff was found to be protected under the ADA even though she had not developed any symptoms of AIDS.
Supreme Court ruled in 1981 that any communication by corporate employees, at the direction of their superiors, to the corporation's attorney to secure legal advice would be protected by the privilege.
The Forest Service inventory shows that 966,000 acres are protected in wilderness areas; another 1.
Power LogOn also holds all of one's personal information such as passwords and credit card information on a 168-bit Triple DES encryption protected smartcard.
This necessitates other external information to also be protected in order to ensure the resilience of one's e-mail system.
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