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Synonyms for protect

keep someone safe


Synonyms for protect

to keep safe from danger, attack, or harm

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If you're following all this, in other words, California just shifted the focus away from the employer's otherwise protectable interests and back onto the employee--who, as we know, lives in California, drives a Prius, enjoys yoga, and intends to compete against you.
More particularly, evaluating whether the defendant's use comes within the legal scope of the plaintiff's rights requires identification of the protectable elements of those rights, because all of the IP regimes require, at least in theory, not just similarity between the defendant's and plaintiffs works, but similarity with respect to the protectable elements.
function--is protectable intellectual property because "a computer
The Hapney (1991) court also gave some succinct advice as to what is neither specialized nor extraordinary, to wit: "To be protectable the education and training must rise above "what is usual, regular, common, or customary in the industry in which the employer is employed.
Get this, more than once courts have held that the use of a commercially-available ingredient, as-is off-the-shelf, but with the label removed and put to a new purpose is a protectable trade secret
Investors will often look to key metrics, including revenue growth, profitability or a clear path to profitability, relatively predictable earnings growth, a large addressable market, barriers to entry, protectable innovation and an experienced management team.
As the popularity of the site grows, so does the question of whether the statements posted by users are protectable intellectual property or whether users posting on the site are left out in the cold, without protection, under the current United States copyright statute.
Do Non-Settling PRPs Have a Significantly Protectable Interest?
Making vaccines affordable as demands grow is the only model which can create sustainable interest with Governments, Donors and other International Agencies to ensure each child is immunized from protectable disease", said Dr.
In 2006, a report on regional economic development for North Central Washington also identified research and development, and the creation of protectable, patentable products as the industry with the most potential for growth in the area.
It is now clear 'vodka' is a protectable category under the law of passing off, and that we can prevent people from selling products likely to confuse or mislead consumers into thinking they are vodka when they are not.
An IP protectable method for producing polychloroprene rubber, with reduced costs associated with health and safety - protecting them from the current dominance of large enterprises;
In big-picture terms this defendant acknowledged that the university and all other universities have a protectable interest in their university color schemes especially when combined with insignia identifying the university," said FAMU's General Counsel attorney Avery McKnight.
If you are doing something innovative, whether product or service, it is worth considering whether there is something protectable in there, whether registrable or not.
I have no hesitation in concluding that the term 'vodka' does have a reputation giving rise to a protectable goodwill," the judge said.