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Synonyms for protect

keep someone safe


Synonyms for protect

to keep safe from danger, attack, or harm

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Processes concerning applying a known coating to a particular surface such as iron pentacarbonyl have been held to be protectable, as have .
42) While facts have never been copyrightable, the Court here determined that in some circumstances even the expression of those facts will not be protectable, bucking a long-held notion of copyright protection.
substantial or significant, and legally protectable (DSL Rule).
For such works, if the similarities between the works in question cannot be clearly linked to protectable expression, if the similarities call for a subjective choice between classifying them either as generic ideas or concrete expression, if the similarities are of the type formerly thought to be "peculiarly" within the province of the jury to assess.
In order to be protectable, trade dress must clear two hurdles: It must not be functional and it must be distinctive.
Even if the employer has a protectable interest sufficient to justify a non-competition restriction, problems in draftsmanship frequently occur.
As reams of case law make clear, it is often quite hard to distinguish what is truly protectable in any given work.
The new service is designed to provide early identification of protectable IP within businesses and early detection of IP related problems and issues.
30 ruling, Sweet held that the Cuban company had a legally protectable right to Cohiba because the Cuban brand was "well-known" among U.
Callen, the name you have chosen for the restaurant is protectable.
There are no protectable niche markets," he stated, adding that industries can take 20 to 25 years to consolidate before reaching the point where a couple of players (such as Coke and Pepsi in soft drinks or Alcoa and Alcan in aluminum) dominate the market.
SBC proved to the court that it does have a valid and protectable trademark.
The district court dismissed the case, finding that the inmate did not have a protectable liberty interest sufficient to support a due process deprivation claim.
Court decisions vary widely as to what elements of a franchise system may be protected as "trade secrets," and the statute and case law in a particular jurisdiction is the first source to consult for the definition of a "trade secret" and what is protectable.