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Synonyms for protean

Synonyms for protean

having many aspects, uses, or abilities

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taking on different forms

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The company plans to assess the potential of the Protean WEC to create a change in renewable energy production, by:
FAW-VW will create an all-new rear-wheel drivetrain for a pure Electric Vehicle (EV) based on the new Bora compact sedan, utilizing two Protean in-wheel motors.
This Vivaro through-the-road hybrid vehicle demonstrates a practical, cost-effective and efficient way to retrofit a commercial vehicle into a plug-in parallel hybrid by simply adding two in-wheel motors," said Jon Meyer, chief operating officer of Protean Electric.
Stockton, 1795- 1866; protean man for a protean nation.
iii) To investigate OR models as protean systems and develop information recycling approach for their analysis.
The title of Abdessemed's exhibition, "Holidays," offers a potential pathway through his protean work: Religious themes are omnipresent here but lodge in the prosaic dimension of daily gestures, as in the animation of a woman in prayer, Les Douleurs de ma mere (The Sorrows of My Mother; all works 2005), and of decoration (the animated film, God Is Design, sets motifs borrowed from various types of religions to the rhythm of Arabic-Andalusian music).
With minimal fanfare, director Sam Anderson and the Road's customary crack technical team manage to create a frantic and isolating New York City into that tiny, protean Lankershim space.
Profiling may instill a sense of comforting rage and security, but it also blinds us to the protean and adaptable nature of terror.
These are snapshots of what the Post describes as "the protean world of young female sexuality, where all forms of expression are modeled, [and] nothing is certain.
Because clinical manifestations are protean, the illness is difficult to diagnose, and cutaneous Burkholderia pseudomallei infections can progress to necrotizing fasciitis.
More than just a montage of wintry pictures, however, Sokolowski's film by its formal construction explores that nebulous but critical artistic region where abstraction, by some artistic alchemy, actually becomes representation, and vice versa, Influenced by Lawren Harris and Pierre Hebert, not to mention Michael Snow, Sokolowski's work is an intelligent, even witty a esthetic engagement with not only the landscape we inhabit, but also the protean artistic means by which we represent it.
If it tries to maintain Protean [the Marcam object-oriented client/server ERP suite] and Prism it is delusional," says Bruce Richardson at AMR Research.
This unstable medium, open to pressures of the ever-shifting present and the inescapable past, exhibits a protean author/subject often emasculated or hermaphroditic.