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Synonyms for protean

Synonyms for protean

having many aspects, uses, or abilities

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taking on different forms

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Chris Hilton, chief technology officer at Protean Electric, said, 'Culturally we are an inquisitive organisation, constantly searching for the next big idea or solution, and commercially we need to give our customers, licensees and shareholders confidence in our freedom to operate.
Clark (Clarke, 2013; Zaleska & de Menezes, 2007), stated most of employees have found some ambiguities in the protean career orientation.
Protean Electric is a technology company which has developed an in-wheel, electric-drive system for hybrid and pure electric light-duty vehicles.
Protean Electric, a company involved in the development and commercialisation of in-wheel electric drive systems, in collaboration with the Tianjin Binhai Hi-Tech Industrial Development Area, are planning to start producing Protean Drive(R) in-wheel motors in Tianjin during the second half of 2016.
Protean Supply Chains: Ten Dynamics of Supply and Demand Alignment
One such innovative element comes from Protean Electric.
Protean Electric is an innovative automotive engineering company that's taking the conventions of powertrain and drivetrain and turning them upside down.
Stockton, 1795- 1866; protean man for a protean nation.
Joseph Garland; UNKNOWN SOLDIERS: RELIVING WORLD WAR II IN EUROPE; Protean Press (Special Note) $0.
iii) To investigate OR models as protean systems and develop information recycling approach for their analysis.
The title of Abdessemed's exhibition, "Holidays," offers a potential pathway through his protean work: Religious themes are omnipresent here but lodge in the prosaic dimension of daily gestures, as in the animation of a woman in prayer, Les Douleurs de ma mere (The Sorrows of My Mother; all works 2005), and of decoration (the animated film, God Is Design, sets motifs borrowed from various types of religions to the rhythm of Arabic-Andalusian music).
With minimal fanfare, director Sam Anderson and the Road's customary crack technical team manage to create a frantic and isolating New York City into that tiny, protean Lankershim space.
Profiling may instill a sense of comforting rage and security, but it also blinds us to the protean and adaptable nature of terror.
Tamburlaine is, in his view, marked by an extreme anxiety about performativity; the play's frequent characterization of war as a game is a (not always successful) attempt on the part of Tamburlaine and his men to ward off these anxieties, to "innoculate" themselves against "the Protean heresy" (36).
These are snapshots of what the Post describes as "the protean world of young female sexuality, where all forms of expression are modeled, [and] nothing is certain.