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a simple protein found in fish sperm

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While on CPB support, the HEPTEM assays alone or the combination of EXTEM and FIBTEM may be useful to predict the hemostatic capacity after heparin reversal with protamine sulfate.
1 mg protamine sulphate IV can be administered per 1 mg (equivalent to 100 anti-Xa units) enoxaparin, given in the last dose over 10 minutes.
In this research, a simple but very sensitive sensor based on fluorescence spectroscopy was presented by using cadmium -- telluride quantum dots to quickly measure protamine drug.
If we consider that the animals had severe thrombocytopenia with the activation of adhesion and 4 of the 10 animals were detected positive ethanol and protamine sulfate sample, we can say with confidence that the OFXG3 layer (fraction) in the heart's blood of rabbits during the 15-day of observation causes development of thrombus (TGS) syndrome.
The Protamine Sulfate (CAS 53597-25-4) Market Research Report includes protamine sulfate description, covers its application areas and related patterns.
sperm with protamine deficiency were bright yellow stained, and yellowish green stained ones were related to mature sperm with complete protamination (CMA3-) recognized under fluorescent microscope with a 460 nm filter (Zeiss Co, Jena, Germany) (15).
In this most recent study, they wanted to build upon their work by testing how adding heparin to the ferumoxytol and protamine sulfate mix (a combination called HPF) might affect the NSC labeling.
Histona bagh kromatini, protamine bagli kromatinden ayirmak icin micrococcal ntikleaz sindirimi ve jel purifikasyon yontemi kullanmislardir.
TEG can be used for early detection of hypercoagulability post-CPB and to guide protamine reversal of heparinisation, with a view to preventing postoperative thromboembolic complications.
In summary, an improved membrane electrode that shows significant potentiometric response to protamine has been optimized and used to determine heparin concentrations in whole-blood samples via protamine titration.
These presentations were: Optimized Fully-Synthetic Salicylamide Heparin Antagonists Have Greater Efficacy Versus LMWHs and Display Improved Hemodynamic Responses as Compared to Protamine, and Arylamides: Discovery of a Novel Class of Fully Synthetic Small Molecule Heparin and LMWH Antagonists.
Veterinarians are fortunate enough to now have PROZINC, the first and only FDA approved protamine zinc insulin.
The aim of the current study was to assess the direct effect of protamine on conventional thrombelastography in vitro.
b) Samples taken before protamine is given to the patient to remove heparin from the blood circulation.
Inj Human Insulin Analogue Aspart Premix 30% insulin/70% Insulin Protamine aspart suspension 100 lll/ml (Monocomponent Insulin, recombinant DNA origin) 3 ml PFS/PFP Thyroxine Sodium 0.