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active support of an idea or cause etc.

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Southern protagonism arguably increases the legitimacy of global governance projects, including the human rights project.
And yet, it is in poetry where her character claims the most protagonism, especially from the beginning in the nineteenth century.
In the period between the first Peron presidency and the last military dictatorship (1955 to 1976), Argentine political opposition privileged the protagonism of the popular masses over that of the intellectual as agent of social change.
Concept of the product-process: Unlike the production of goods enterprises that operate with raw material different from the final product, in the education service the production process is atypical as far as to the participation and the protagonism of the raw material which is the student, who takes an active part in the education process until becoming its final product.
as regards the access to cultural goods, or the upgrading of employment and the local economy; ii) social inclusion, as apparent in the initiatives aimed at particularly vulnerable groups, or, more generally, in the effect upon collective self-esteem; and iii) empowerment, through the broad-based participation of the local population in most initiatives, and by providing what might otherwise be yet another 'depressed' and 'invisible' rural area with nation-wide protagonism.
Leaders like Lorena and Fernando were integral parts of that protagonism and their absence was deeply felt.
The chapter on Maldonado is quite interesting in elucidating this little-known work, although Perez-Romero is often forced to read beneath what he sees as a superficial adherence to the official condemnation of the rebellion, to a secret sympathy as suggested by an emphasis on the protagonism of the urban and rural poor, who refused to be coopted by the nobles and merchants who repeatedly tried to redirect the uprising to their own advantage.
In twentieth-century Berga the most disenfranchised members of the working class supplied certain comparses in the Patum, giving them protagonism and a stake in collective life.
Lennartz, "From Los Angeles (1932) to Melbourne (1956): The Olympic Torch's Protagonism in Ceremonies," in Olympic Ceremonies: Historical Continuity and Cultural Exchange, eds.
In a nation long used to the "negotiation" of, instead of adherence to, the law, the increasing protagonism of the Judiciary doesn't seem like such a bad precedent.
The repeated use of this formulation by Pessoa must therefore be understood as the conscious vindication of a national German protagonism in the definition of the logic and goals of the armed conflict.
However, the woman still had little protagonism or power in protecting her health or the couple's health.
Latin American gay men's groups, torn between AIDS and gay rights activism, often resist both protagonism by women and women's issues.
I tried to situate this project within what bell hooks (1994:13) calls "engaged pedagogy" and what Grossberg describes as "a pedagogy of risk and experimentation" and a "politics of praxis," where student protagonism is at the fore:
even in an arena that privileges violent protagonism, her activity will be judged to be intrinsically deviant or psychotic" (161-62).