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active support of an idea or cause etc.

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Religion and homosexuality formthe axis of the film, but the protagonism of the two boys brings to light loyalty pacts, the establishment of lasting bonds, elements that go much beyond the purely erotic or sexual universe of relationships between persons of the same sex.
He is the focus of attention but at the same time he is not, his protagonism is diluted by the congregation.
Neither the fulfillment of mythic mandate nor its resolute refusal, Mort(e)'s breed of protagonism is rather the casual neglect of society, a hyper-individualism whose historical consciousness is no match for the cat-like pursuit of self-satisfaction.
This move is consistent with the Brazilian tradition of couching proposals somewhat cautiously as multilateral initiatives in international institutions, rather than assuming a degree of protagonism that might provoke contestation from its regional rivals such as Argentina.
From the broader conception of popular protagonism and the generally more inclusive nature of anti-colonial struggles, we see a distinct view of the nation-state in Latin America.
Transparent' is a show about giving voice and protagonism to characters who would normally be the 'other' on another show," says Soloway, who's at work on season two of the Golden Globe-winning series.
The fourth category enunciated by Chris Wickham configures, according to his opinion, the most explicit manifestations of peasant protagonism, whose occurrence would be expressed, for example, in the ban imposed by King Rotary, dated 643, in the Italian Peninsula, to any peasant rebellion (seditio) as it could testimony that the peasants could be grouped into collectives (Concilii) rebelled against the actions of a certain lord (dominus).
Araceli's journey of growth toward increased well-being is dependent on a central shift in her attention--she has moved from an imposing protagonism (fuelled by an attention to her compulsion for control) to a place of receptivity to multiplicity (fuelled by her desire for connection and meaning).
In this the way the novel supports Jean Franco's argument that nineteenth-century Mexican fiction limited female protagonism to the domestic sphere through a binary symbolism: purity/corruption.
But this time, contrary to what happened in the two previous reforms, the 2000-2006 programming period was a turning point in the increasing protagonism of economic and social cohesion, since there was a reduction of resources in relative terms and a fragmentation of the regional policy derived from the principle of subsidiarity and the loss of control on the part of the Commission (Mancha and Gallo 2013).
Such protagonism really is a lack of confidence in the one main protagonist at work in the world, and I repeat again, that is the Holy Spirit.
While this may speak to changing times in the narcosphere, where the deaths of male drug traffickers and other violent perpetrators trigger rank changes that eventually trickle down to women in the cartels, it certainly demonstrates the impact a "mere" northern Mexican narconovela can have on women's writing and protagonism, in Mexican letters and beyond.
Party secretaries have been weakened by the rising power of internal factions, used as scapegoats after every electoral defeat, blamed for both lack of charisma (Bersani) and excessive protagonism (the father of the PDS Occhetto, the former Prime Minister D'Alema, Renzi himself).
In effect, some educational alternatives that helped us to improve the working environment were: to be precise and rigorous in the instructions for carrying out the activities, offering short and clear explanations; preparing the sessions in advance, organizing the subjects, methods and interactive situations, carefully structuring the different spaces and periods that the task demands, reduce the periods of expositive explanation and encourage orderly and active participation, ensuring the each and everybody's protagonism and offering to all adolescents involved a place for expression and attention.