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lacking wit or imagination

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It has been a prosy day for us," she said thoughtfully, "but to some people it has been a wonderful day.
the savage) began to hit himself severe thumps in the chest, and to exhibit other indications of being desperately in love, which being rather a prosy proceeding, was very likely the cause of the maiden's falling asleep; whether it was or no, asleep she did fall, sound as a church, on a sloping bank, and the savage perceiving it, leant his left ear on his left hand, and nodded sideways, to intimate to all whom it might concern that she WAS asleep, and no shamming.
In his later life he wrote a great quantity of Puritan religious verse, largely prosy in spite of his fluency.
It was not her fault they were so prosy, so completely uninteresting -- from "My darling wife" at the beginning, to "Your loving husband" at the end.
It would be very dull, prosy work, he thought, writing there forever to the loud ticking of a timepiece.
Well, well, we all get a bit prosy sometimes," said Lord John.
There, I told you my doings would not interest you, and they don't; they sound flat and prosy after your brilliant adventures.
Within the town of Buffalo Are prosy men with leaden eyes.
In an anonymous essay published in 1856 in Westminster Review, George Eliot took aim at "the frothy, the prosy, the pious, [and] the pedantic"--the combination of which she casts as "feminine fatuity" (1883, 178).
but all possible candidates--CRONY, PROSY, PROXY, GLORY, BLOWY--have double crashes with one or more words on the list.
Carol Houlihan Flynn, in her essay on Austen's letters, notes that "Miss Bates's monologues, stuffed with roast pork and baked apples, chimneys that want sweeping, spectacles that need mending, sound suspiciously like her creator's own prosy, rambling letters" (101).
This is a very common syntactical strategy in black oratory and letters, albeit constructed in Father Comes Home from the Wars as cadences of prosy self-consciously embroidered with snippets of the vernacular speech which amounts to word-play, rather than word-smithing.
Kumin's verse could seem prosy at times, naturally enough given her profound interest in novels.
k] Son los activos totales totales en pesos de la compania en el balance general, tomada como prosy para explicar su tamano.
CSA proxy at CSA prosy at baseline is baseline: savings positively related account opened at a (OR=1.