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Synonyms for prostration

an abrupt failure of function or complete physical exhaustion

abject submission

the act of assuming a prostrate position

References in classic literature ?
It was pitiful to see Cornelius, dumb with grief, and pale from utter prostration, stretch out his head through the iron bars of his window, at the risk of not being able to draw it back again, to try and get a glimpse of the garden on the left spoken of by Rosa, who had told him that its parapet overlooked the river.
The moment sentence had been pronounced, he allowed himself to be helped out of court in a melancholy state of prostration, and the next morning he left for London.
Rook's hard brain; he's in a state of nervous prostration, which may end badly.
As he passed along, the crowd made lowly prostration before the Image.
Gale desired to see me at a private interview--the prisoner being then in a state of prostration which made it impossible for him to attend to his duties as master of the house.
I had found my way to the free public library, and was reading myself into nervous prostration.
The next mention, some days hence, will be to the effect that he is suffering from nervous prostration and has been given a vacation by his grateful flock.
It was quite impossible to find language to express the degree of mental prostration to which such an adventurous wight would be reduced in the keen encounter with Tim Linkinwater, so Tim gave up the rest of his declaration in pure lack of words, and mounted his stool again.
This prostration and sweet unrepining obedience exquisitely touched and flattered George Osborne.
Then the carriage, and the ride into the City; and the people who looked at them; and the hats that flew off grey heads; and the general bowing and crouching before this wonderful mortal the like of which prostration of spirit was not to be seen--no, by high Heaven, no
So far as an overpowering heaviness, a prostration of strength, and an utter inability to control our thoughts or power of motion, can be called sleep, this is it; and yet, we have a consciousness of all that is going on about us, and, if we dream at such a time, words which are really spoken, or sounds which really exist at the moment, accommodate themselves with surprising readiness to our visions, until reality and imagination become so strangely blended that it is afterwards almost matter of impossibility to separate the two.
Miss Wren's troublesome child was in the corner in deep disgrace, and exhibiting great wretchedness in the shivering stage of prostration from drink.
The birds often die of heat prostration, dehydration and starvation before they are ever used.
Though Imam Ali (PBUH) is indisputably the first to embrace Islam when the Holy Prophet called upon his listeners to do so, yet by the very fact that since his infancy he was brought up by the Holy Prophet and followed him in every action and deed including prostration before God, he can be said to be born a Muslim.
That constant fluctuation between prostration and bliss tells me all I need to know about being a better human being.