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Synonyms for prostration

an abrupt failure of function or complete physical exhaustion

abject submission

the act of assuming a prostrate position

References in classic literature ?
The next mention, some days hence, will be to the effect that he is suffering from nervous prostration and has been given a vacation by his grateful flock.
But this intensity of his physical prostration did but so much the more abbreviate it.
If she rallied from her present prostration, Miss Garth should be at once informed of the improvement.
Thanks, thanks," said Monte Cristo, judging from the steward's utter prostration that he could not stretch the cord further without danger of breaking it.
Fouquet alone, but even La Valliere herself; from fury he subsided into despair, and from despair to prostration.
But it all ended as such a strain must, in the sort of break which was not yet known as nervous prostration.
The moment sentence had been pronounced, he allowed himself to be helped out of court in a melancholy state of prostration, and the next morning he left for London.
And whatever their public positions, the continuing prostration of the Constitutional Council, the ultimate symbol of judicial independence, signals quite clearly where members of the political class stand in reality.
Great prostration with mental weakness and burning pains characterise this remedy.
Ehrlich is well aware of the historical dimensions of these gestures; he discusses, for example, the transition from the biblical practices of prostration and spreading one's hands in prayer to the vastly different rabbinic regimen.
The act said: "We grant pardon for prostration and burning of suburb to prevent Scots from harbouring there.
There are a hundred kinds of prayer, bowing and prostration.
Also, Robinson only lost to Maxim because he was suffering from heat prostration, courtesy of 104-degree heat at Yankee Stadium.
PBO is suspected of causing anorexia (loss of appetite), coma, convulsions, possibly cancer, skin irritation, liver and kidney damage, prostration due to circulatory collapse, tearing of the eyes, unsteadiness, vomiting and weight loss.
City should have been awarded a penalty towards the end of the first period when Carl Ruffer was man-handled in the area by vet-eran defender Stoneman but referee Mr Bratt would hear none of City's prostration, and amazingly waved away their appeals.