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craniometric point that is the most anterior point in the midline on the alveolar process of the maxilla

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The distance between bony and soft tissue was measured for each of the following anthropological landmarks: a) the dis- tance between point A and subnasale b) the distance between prosthion (lowest point of the alveolar bone between the left and right upper, central incisors) and labrale superious (vermilion border of the upper lip c) the shortest distance between the upper incisor and the attachment points of the upper and lower lip d) the distance between infradentale (the most anterior point of the alveolar bone between the left and right lower, central incisors) and the vermilion border of the lower lip e) the distance between point B and the deepest point of the labiomental crease f) gnathion and soft tissue menton.
Es la distancia que existe entre el punto Prosthion (Pr) y el punto Labial superior (Ls).
10 6 upper lip margin undefined in referenced text * 12 - ls labrale superius undefined in referenced text * ls labrale superius undefined in referenced text * sd supradentale / apex of the alveolus in alveolare / the midline between the prosthion maxillary central incisors 12 upper lip undefined in referenced text * lr10 midupper-lip maximum labial margin curvature of the most anteriorly placed upper central incisor 11 supra canine upper lip, lined up superiorly/inferiorly with lateral edge of nostril 6.
A The deepest point on the concave outline of the upper labial alveolar process, extending from the anterior nasal spine to the prosthion (figure 1).
A line (A) was drawn through the points nasion and prosthion (Figure 1).