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an expert in prosthetics

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His prosthetist took a pair of Villa shorts and had the badge embossed on the leg for him.
If you feel any discomfort from the prosthesis, whether it is the preparatory or the definitive (as in "definitely" a proper device for you to use), inform your physical therapist and prosthetist.
Despite this, many of these individuals are sufficiently satisfied with their prosthetic limb to continue with many normal activities and are typically satisfied with prosthetist services [1].
Alison Goodwin, prosthetist at Touch Bionics, said: "Josh has spent this week with us being fitted with the Touch Bionics i-limb quantum prosthesis.
Now, daughter Nellie had become a prosthetist, a person who makes and fits artificial limbs.
Topics covered include the distance travelled to attend appointments, how often individuals visit their prosthetist, and how long they wait to be seen when booking appointments.
It was also found that Doree, who worked as a prosthetist for 25 years, sexually harassed a female member of staff employed by James Cook Hospital which included him laying on the floor while she was working on a treadmill, gesturing with his belt, and saying "get on that and ride that baby".
It was founded in 1919 by its namesake prosthetist, Otto Bock (1881-1960) in response to the large number of injured veterans from World War I.
Russell Riley, Blythewood, SC, certified prosthetist
Dino Cozzarelli, an Ecuadorian orthotist and prosthetist living in Costa Rica, is attempting to introduce affordable prosthetic limbs for patients by purchasing prosthesis used previously in the US and Europe and modifying them to fit their new wearers.
Founded in 1957, Medicus is considered to be the leading private sector employer of orthotist and prosthetist graduates in Quebec and specializes in orthotic and prosthetic devices and rehabilitation products.
The number of children losing limbs in car accidents is huge in this region, according to a prosthetist.
They were left with one leg each but, thanks to replacement limbs invented by the world's leading prosthetist Kevin Carroll, the boys are now learning to walk.
A dedicated and persistent VA prosthetist scavenged leg prosthetics and devised a lower trunk socket with attached modified hip joints, then machined them to use in an unorthodox assembly.
A LONG WAIT AHEAD Tilly Lockey and her new prosthetic hand, with Prosthetist Alison Goodwin