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an expert in prosthetics

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I can answer them as a certified prosthetist, but I haven't been through it.
As needed, the initial control setup and/or configuration may be modified by either the prosthetist or the OT during the training process based on user preference and improved skill with control of the DEKA Arm.
And as doctors continued to marvel at their progress, their irish prosthetist michael Fouhy told them his friend, Floridabased specialist Kevin Carroll, wanted to meet them.
The initial orthopedist and prosthetist set up the lab.
Prosthetist Malcolm Griffiths failed to spot the blunder during two further check-ups with patient Patrick Morrison, 76, from West Lothian.
The prosthetist said this leg would think 1,000 times per second about the ground.
Kirk Simendinger, prosthetist from the Center for the Intrepid at Fort Sam Houston, Texas, assists Spc.
Consultant prosthetist Jane McPhail said: "Patients in this area are very lucky because this is a specialist service we offer, and it is not available everywhere.
As a prosthetist or orthotist, your work with patients would usually include assessing how much a patient is physically able do before having an artificial limb or appliance fitted.
Lane warned Cohen of the risks and advised him to meet with Eric Schaffer, a 38-year old Hicksville, Long Island prosthetist, an expert in designing state-of-the-art artificial limbs.
In order to purchase the artificial knee joint, the orthotist and prosthetist must take an intensive eight-hour course and pass an exam.
A PROSTHETIST became infatuated with a pretty patient, bombarding her with telephone calls, after fitting insoles on her feet to help her walk.
Other members include Toby and Melinda Janowitz, an orthotist and prosthetist husband-and-wife team.
Strength and durability are essential requirements for these prosthetic components, which act as the structural connection to the prosthetic foot," explains Jennifer Dowell, staff prosthetist at Seattle Orthopedic Group.