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corrective consisting of a replacement for a part of the body

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Everyone needs to know that amputees matter and that any changes to current amputee care must ensure patients are able to receive the most appropriate prosthetic device for their needs when they need it.
The committee is charged with expanding the local industry of prosthetic devices using local inputs, with a special focus on ensuring that existing workshops producing such devices adhere to international standards of quality, rather than establishing new workshops.
The prosthetic device is like 'flipping a switch' to turn on a decision in real time," Sam Deadwyler, senior author of the study, said.
We had a much tighter margin of error in evaluating the fit of the prosthetic device.
The support of all amputees and consumers of orthotic and prosthetic devices is needed to assure continued progress.
com), a developer of advanced orthotic and prosthetic devices based in Oklahoma City, will officially unveil to the public its new Magellan microprocessor foot ankle system prosthetic device at the American Orthotic and Prosthetic Association National Assembly to be held this week in Boston.
In prior years, the rehabilitation approach was to offer a veteran with a lower-limb loss either a prosthetic device or a wheelchair.
SPARKy is the first prosthetic device to apply regenerative kinetics to its design, which resulted in a lightweight (four pound) device that allows the wearer to walk on grass, cement and rocks, as well as ascend and descend stairs and inclines.
s Department of Medicine and of the Department of Veterans Affairs Medical Center in Saint Louis) plan for this volume to serve patients considering whether to have a prosthetic device implanted and doctors not involved in with prostheses but still required to provide advice to their patients on such devices.
Therefore, we recommend continuing to allow servicemembers and veterans to select prosthetic-device providers--either in-house fabrication with direct purchase of components and assembly by board-certified VA providers or contracts with prosthetic device providers outside the VA.
I don't think that adjusting a prosthetic device is practicing dentistry,'' said his attorney, Paul Potter of Pasadena, who called the case a ``highly technical borderline violation.
Prolonged lower-limb prosthetic device use and satisfaction are not well documented, especially for veterans of previous combat situations (such as Vietnam veterans), who typically returned to civilian life after their limb loss [2-5].
It's a Boy-Meets-Pornographer tale woven with sex, nudity, drugs, violence and one very large prosthetic device - not exactly the elements of a feel-good hit.
These two distinct groups were chosen because they represent patterns of prosthetic device use before and after DOD rehabilitation programs were significantly changed for servicemembers with limb loss [4].