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corrective consisting of a replacement for a part of the body

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CP 2015/53 - Framework agreement for the supply of orthopedic prostheses - hip prosthesis institutions and services of the National Health Service.
The first test quantifies the fatigue resistance of the Equinoxe[R] humeral reconstruction prosthesis and the Equinoxe[R] cemented humeral long stem when oriented and assembled in worst case configurations and utilized in a mid-humeral resection with a minimum 80 mm cemented stem length.
University of Miami researchers developed a process to manufacture facial prostheses in a matter of hours at a fraction of the cost of a traditional prosthesis using topographical scanning and 3-D printing technology.
Before the surgery, his prosthesis was controlled via electrodes placed over the skin.
The system is controlled by electrical signals from electromyogram (EMG) electrodes, which detect muscle contraction close to the area where the prosthesis is attached and the signals allow the arm to make 10 different powered movements.
Otoscopy of the left ear revealed an intact tympanic membrane with a hydroxyapatite prosthesis tenting the tympanic membrane and partially extruding through the posterosuperior quadrant (figure 1).
This beautiful padded bra has two secure prosthesis pockets.
Other inventions developed by Desoutter and Hanger, such as pelvic suspension rather than shoulder suspension, provided a more efficient and stable way of operating the prosthesis and direct knee control.
Every patient will also be entitled to a replacement prosthesis every two years, or sooner if needed, free of charge on the NHS.
For example, figure 1 shows the Otto Bock 3R95 mechanism as an ordinary prosthesis mechanism.
The present study analyses the stability of the SMP prosthesis design during initial stages of THR surgery.
He was 2 years post-TMJ reconstruction with an Osteomed total joint prosthesis (Osteomed Inc.
Heather Mills drew national attention for dancing with a prosthesis on the television program, "Dancing with the Stars," but each day, millions of persons face the challenges of amputation with courage, earning their own place among the stars.
After all, the coaches at Northridge offered her a scholarship before they even asked about her prosthesis.
Tokyo, Japan, Dec 28, 2005 - (JCN) - Kobayashi Pharmaceutical announced on December 28 that it will launch the KIAPEX hip prosthesis system, a new product for its Kobamed brand developed by Kobayashi Medical Company.