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relating to the prostate gland


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Sexually mature, intact dogs should certainly be considered at risk of developing prostatic disease especially if having ultrasonographic evidence of BPH such as prostatic cysts.
The following factors should be considered in differential diagnoses: cystadenomas and papillary adenomas of the seminal vesicles, Msellerian duct cysts, diverticula of the ejaculatory ducts or ampulla of the vas, prostatic cysts, adenocarcinoma or sarcoma of the seminal vesicles, and secondary malignant tumors of the vesicles caused by adjacent organs and lymphomas.
Other possibilities include prostatic cysts and, more lateral in location, diverticulosis of the vas deferens, ectopic ureterocele and abscess.
Common canine prostatic disorders include benign prostatic hypertrophy (BPH), prostatitis, prostatic abscess, prostatic cysts and prostatic adenocarcinoma.