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Synonyms for prosperousness

steady good fortune or financial security

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Although some were tempted to shift their allegiance and try to assure the prosperousness of their flocks and fields by worshiping the fertility gods, Joshua was not about to turn away from God.
And that's the clearest signal yet of the potential prosperousness of a tourism model built on the island's inherent strengths: its quaint and tranquil character, its rural landscapes and amenable weather, and its inland towns, which are full of wonderful baroque churches and charming townhouses.
While the term 'two-speed economy' has taken on a number of meanings in different countries the imbalance of most interest here is the precariousness of the economy in New South Wales (particularly, Sydney) relative to the prosperousness of the mining regions of Western Australia, Queensland and the Northern Territory.
39); they embraced the Western world's bourgeois mentality of prosperousness, of self-gain at the expense of others.
About the time that Micheaux's films and later books extolled the inspiration and prosperousness of the West for African Americans, the numerous all-black towns throughout the West had begun to crumble both socially and economically.