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Synonyms for prosperous

Synonyms for prosperous

improving, growing, or succeeding steadily

enjoying steady good fortune or financial security

occurring at a fitting or advantageous time

Synonyms for prosperous

in fortunate circumstances financially

very lively and profitable

marked by peace and prosperity

Related Words

presaging or likely to bring good luck

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Dr Onu said his ministry is determined to help the country become a prosperous nation, adding that 'it is our conviction that unless we continue to work hard and remain committed to the task of diversifying our economy, science, technology and innovation will not play the role expected of it.
I look forward to working with everyone in this society, inside and outside government, to build a peaceful, secure, and prosperous future for all Afghans.
Describing socialism with Chinese characteristics, Wang said that Chinese leader Xi has defined it as a roadmap for developing peaceful, happy and prosperous world.
We are supposed to use these precious gifts cautiously and prove ourselves to be responsible citizens and leave a better and prosperous Pakistan for coming generations.
The House continues working to provide hardworking American families with a stable and prosperous future.
He stressed that a peaceful, loving, strong and a prosperous Pakistan will emerge following Panama Leaks Case' verdict.
All of this points to the fact that Mr Shipton lives in some 1980s time warp, viewing British politics through the outdated prism of ideological stereotypes where Conservatives are all prosperous and uncaring while, of course, Labour supporters have a monopoly on sympathy with those worse off.
At the top of the ranking, New Zealand, Finland and Norway are the three most prosperous countries in the world.
We will continue on a path to create a more prosperous and fairer Scotland, where opportunities are for everyone and not the select few.
New reports said that every region in the UK is more prosperous than it was 12 months ago and that London is the most affluent area in terms of the number of millionaires, earnings and sky-high property prices.
ALL regions of the UK have become more prosperous in the past year, a report found.
EVERY region in Britain is more prosperous than last year - with some areas emerging as challengers to London and the South East for affluence, a new report shows.
Synopsis: More Americans say President Barack Obama is doing a good job of making America prosperous (45%) and improving the nation's energy policy (48%) than at most points in his presidency.
WOLVERHAMPTON and West Bromwich are the least prosperous places in the UK, according to new research.
But both countries are beaten by Northern Ireland, where high life satisfaction makes them the most prosperous in the UK.