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Where she previously has recourse to prosopopeia, this tale begins with an apostrophe to herself, reflecting the return of the repressed after years of indoctrination in the schools of the French Republic: "You have a history--you have a MEMORY.
Prosopopeia is also identified with the speech in character or impersonation (Lanham 123-24).
Indeed, if we consider that in Chapter 24 we have a series of nominations, which activates a transumptio, then in Chapter 25 we have instead prosopopeia as the most central figure of speech and also pronominatio or antomasia (since Guido here is again indicated as first friend).
Metaphor, Prosopopeia, and the Weapon of language in Autobiography of a Slave by Juan Francisco Manzano
In this light, she argues that prosopopeia provides a pathway to enter that gap, excavating not only the material consequences of the exclusion of some humans, but also the "dispossession, exclusion, occlusion inher[ing] within the category of the legal person" (53; emphasis added).
5) The tropological manufacturing of a face in prosopopeia bestows such cognate attributes of humanity as reason and speech, as if to give voice to the "dombe" animal to which Descartes influentially denies sentience in his Discourse on Method.
One method that war poets employed was prosopopeia, a technique where the writer speaks for those who cannot, or to use Paul de Man's words, prosopopeia is "the fiction of an apostrophe to an absent, deceased or voiceless entity, which posits the possibility of the latter's reply and confers upon it the power of speech" (926).
40) In the sections following his uneven prosopopeia of Sextius, Seneca does in fact develop the image in his own voice (Ep.
In this case of prosopopeia, the odorous image is one of food, and the food sings particular lyrics expressed synesthetically.
De Man's schema invests in an impossibility of self-knowledge, positing death as the only viable exit from the labyrinthine hall of mirrors through which autobiographical inscription promises futilely to pass: "Death is a displaced name for a linguistic predicament, and the restoration of mortality by autobiography (the prosopopeia of the voice and the name) deprives and disfigures to the precise extent that it restores" (930).
The second venue, Bank ART Studio NYK, with its more open, raw space, fares better, as the works interpret "magic" less literally, Henrik Hakansson's Tree with Roots, 2010/2011, a tree penetrating all three floors of the building, operates as an essential anchor for a dialogue among the offerings, such as Neuenschwander's Prosopopeia (Yokohama), 2010, which invites the viewer to lift up egg-shells to see an alphabet letter {in this case, Japanese hira-gana} against a lightbulb.
Nesse sentido, e um alerta a prosopopeia que tem permitido a teorizacao da organizacao como uma entidade viva, o que nao passa de um equivoco porque sao os individuos que lhe conferem algum tipo de dinamica e, portanto, somente eles exercem algum poder que merece ser observado, mesmo quando o formal esta em foco.
1) In fact, the practice of intersemiotic transposition known as ekphrasis (Greek--ek-phrassien/phrazein--to speak out) began as an introductory exercise for students of rhetoric, in which the technique of prosopopeia, the act of envoicing a silent art object, was practiced (Heffernan 6).
A par da variedade de ambientes que o texto sugere e que, de algum modo, surgiriam representados no cenario (o campo, o porto de Jope como local de embarque, o litoral de Ninive, o palacio real com seus magistrados e funcionarios, devidamente trajados), refiramos sobretudo a qualidade das personagens em cena, onde a alegoria e a prosopopeia marcam forte presenca.
This short speech contains such diverse figures of speech as prosopopeia, chiasmus, anadiplosis and polyptoton, which an early modern schoolboy would like to show off.