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Indeed, if we consider that in Chapter 24 we have a series of nominations, which activates a transumptio, then in Chapter 25 we have instead prosopopeia as the most central figure of speech and also pronominatio or antomasia (since Guido here is again indicated as first friend).
Reminiscent of Owen and prosopopeia, Sorley is the mouthpiece for his silent companions, which is a common duty among war poets: "It becomes the writer's task to reinvigorate the departed soldiers by speaking for them and to pay homage to the fallen comrades by documenting the conditions of battle both for inexperienced civilian readers back home as well as for posterity" (Badenhausen 268).
An examination of de Man's theory of prosopopeia is necessary to fully comprehend these assertions.
21) La riflessione di Riffaterre merita di essere riportata per intero: "However, the reason that prosopopeia properly ushers in the lyric is that it is suppositive.
A similar effect is produced by the biblical and pastoral imagery (the connection Eve-trees, the Dryads) and by the occasional recourse to prosopopeia (the female attributes acquired by the "eve" and "hope," the humanization of the trees suggested by the term "race").
Yet to complain that this very real threat was reduced to a prosopopeia, or personification in the Jesuit assassin, would be to cavil; the conspiracy of the northern lords, which led to the uprising of 1569, led by the Dukes of Northumberland and Westmoreland, and brutally subdued, was every bit as dangerous as a priest (in a soutane--impossible) running around the palace waiting to pounce.
This mechanical prosopopeia introduces a pattern repeated at several different levels in Bait: a pattern of a play used by another son dealing with his own loss: the fort/da game invented by Freud's grandson and described in "Beyond the Pleasure Principle.
Saftig sonett i samtidslitteraturen: Paul Muldoon's "Quoof"' / 'A juicy sonnet in contemporary poetry: Paul Muldoon's "Quoof"', in Prosopopeia, No.
In attempting to give his daughter a face that is not a mask, in his assertion that he "will define all its particularities," Modisane engages what deconstructionist Paul de Man (1979) calls "the trope of autobiography," prosopopeia, which bestows "the power of speech" on "an absent, deceased or voiceless entity" (p.
Moreover, the poem abounds in its use of rhetorical devices, among them apostrophes, antiphrases, philippics, ekphrases, exordia, prosopopeia of various sorts, allegorical representations (some of them "explained" by the speaker), all generally organized upon the epideictic modes of praise and blame.
The whole presents us with an elegant prosopopeia, all the creatures striving to do them good, to whom God had once betrothed himself in mercies and in loving kindness.
Cortazar's style has all of this, above all when it distances itself from the pompous miracle-working prosopopeia with which his alter ego Morelli pontificates about literature, that is to say in his stories.
There is a secular version of this theology, figured in the rhetorical trope of prosopopeia, where an absent other is given voice, invoked, engaged in conversation.
The very processes of imitatio and prosopopeia, according to Enterline, "unravel the hetero-normative story about gender" that was put forward by humanist pedagogical theorists (94).
De Man translates the French figure as 'shape,' while in the English collection the word is translated as 'face,' which is closer to de Man's prosopopeia.