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3) Variation is also elegantly captured by generative prosody, which aims to delineate the contours of the boundary between the metrical and nonmetrical.
The previous researches by authors have designed an algorithms of Thai Poetry Translation to English with prosody keeping [2] and has analyst the quality of model compare with statistical MT by BLEU and METEOR with Forward and Backward Translation [3,4,5].
Keywords: prosody, retell, reading, intervention, alternating treatment
Heart Rate Activity (EKG) and Skin Conductance Activity (EDA) will be the techniques to index attention paid to media combined with recall tests to analyse how the cognitive processing improves by applying different prosody strategies.
Although both phonemics and prosody play a part in an accent, disagreements exist concerning which of the two impedes speech intelligibility more (Anderson-Hsieh et al.
The communicative function of affective prosody has been observed in nonhuman primates (Ghanzanfar & Santos, 2004) and it may be that the early neural detection of prosodic cues is important in facilitating vital responsive behaviour (Thonnessen et al.
So a reader will assign the same negative semantic prosody to what follows 'utterly', interpreting 'unlike the snow' as the 'myriad cruelties of the world the lambs have just entered'.
Their subjects range from the Victorians' lively debates over prosody, to the impressive outpouring of English language verse from British India, to the intersection of poetry and pictures in the mid-century illustrated gift book, to broad surveys of the expanded poetic canon for the undergraduate market.
It is in word prosody that quantity degrees are manifested, which certainly belong to the pivotal phenomena of Estonian phonetics.
Although poems written in one language can be translated into other languages, often-translated poems lose their unique prosody, images, and culturally specific significance.
Whatever the terminology, it had annoying instances of awkward prosody with not particularly witty lines.
This is as a result of its attachment to prosody, a style that is fronted as an emblem of Swahili artistry.
This chapter focuses on how phrasal prosody and function words may interact during early acquisition.
I often use this line when teaching prosody in my classes, before moving on to examine the poem as a whole.
He has experience in detailed statistical models of speech and natural language, combining modeling at the level of words, prosody, pronunciation, and acoustics for more accurate recognition of speech, speaker identity, and speaker intent.