prosodic system

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the system of accentuation used in a particular language

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The prosodic system of Wolof favors the marking of larger syntactic constituents only.
Our expectations about Finno-Ugric prosody are usually based on the prosodic systems of Finnish, Estonian and Hungarian, which are surprising similar.
There is one further aspect where the similarity between Livonian and Estonian prosodic systems is much too great to be attributed to chance, and this is foot isochrony.
1999, Word Prosodic Systems in the Languages of Europe, Berlin--New York.
Development in Prosodic Systems, Berlin--New York, 47-65.
unadulterated Yeongming prosodic system itself may have been a highly
Recognition of the separate sign value of the sounds of the words allows us to understand that the verbal music anchored in the prosodic system pervades the whole work, enabling separate poetic power throughout in an icon that only ultimately merges with the sense in the interpretant.
The Livonian prosodic system has been quite thoroughly studied during the past years.
In this article we present a description of some aspects of the prosodic system of the non-Austronesian (Papuan) language Kuot, spoken on New Ireland, Papua New Guinea.
It has been suggested that the Estonian prosodic system was once very similar to that of contemporary Finnish, but later transformed significantly due to the apocope, syncope, and other sound changes (Lehiste 2003 : 47-48).
Can this bewildering synchronic diversity be traced back to a single prosodic system at the Proto-TB (PTB) stage?
Farrokhi: Ghaznavid court poet ode great theorist who lived in the late 4th and early 5th century, he spoke to the prosodic system and Zabihullah fun enough, we say: ((Sistan was the son of Ghulam Ali Khalaf lady, good humor and poetry extremely well told and gave more grip)) or ((the simplicity and elegance and tasteful Sheets and licorice Saadi who is the lyricism
482-98) and a detailed one on prosodic systems, showing all five Khalilian circles (by Wheeler M.
Particularly inadequate is the treatment of the Khorramshahr NM phonemic and prosodic systems, and their relation to each other.
Phonological definition of a word need not be limited to suprasegmental effects, or to segmental evidence of prosodic systems.