prosodic system

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the system of accentuation used in a particular language

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1999, Word Prosodic Systems in the Languages of Europe, Berlin--New York.
unadulterated Yeongming prosodic system itself may have been a highly
Recognition of the separate sign value of the sounds of the words allows us to understand that the verbal music anchored in the prosodic system pervades the whole work, enabling separate poetic power throughout in an icon that only ultimately merges with the sense in the interpretant.
Development in Prosodic Systems, Berlin--New York, 47-65.
In the following, we will provide more evidence for the relevance of this typologically unusual prosodic system, using data from a language in an entirely different part of the world.
The Livonian prosodic system has similarities to that of Estonian as well as Latvian.
The prosodic system of Wolof favors the marking of larger syntactic constituents only.
has here abandoned, to his credit, his earlier insistence that the PTB prosodic system comprised phonation types rather than tones, and seems to admit that it is artificial to make a sharp dividing line between the two, and that it is a chicken-or-egg question as to which has historical anteriority.
The Ingrian prosodic system is comparable neither with Finnish nor with Estonian types.
We are planning to compare the Livonian prosodic system with the prosody of the neighboring Latvian dialect to explore possible similarities and differences.
Despite the volume's subtitle only the essay by Jacqueline Genot-Bismuth on the complex prosodic system developed by the Italian Hebrew belles-lettrist Immanuel of Rome (c.
The question arises whether the Livonian prosodic system acquired its distinctive structure spontaneously or through contact with Latvian--or even more broadly, through its membership in the Sprachbund around the Baltic Sea.
The first linguist of Estonian origin, Otto Wilhelm Masing (1763-1832), encountered some problems while trying to express the prosodic system of his language in the framework of an alien paradigm.
Thus, stress singles the prosodic system of Erzya out from the systems of most other languages: it can not be reckoned from the beginning or end of a word in a regular way and its linguistic significance is not explicit.
Phonological definition of a word need not be limited to suprasegmental effects, or to segmental evidence of prosodic systems.