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Synonyms for prosiness

commonplaceness as a consequence of being humdrum and not exciting

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The culmination of this situational thinking is the closing section of the poem, which returns, after the prosiness of the middle passages, to the tercets with which it opened; a formal gesture that signals Riley's conviction that poetry, properly adjusted, has something meaningful to say to such situations.
Immersing oneself in the early poems, one realizes that what saves them from prosiness, and even from an almost sluggish pacing, is often precisely that musical over-insistence and repetition that becomes almost the whole art in the late work.
Its prosiness and its pratfall humor for the Stepsisters were leavened by Yan Chen's spunky heroine.
There are many, I think, who await a cure for ego and illiteracy and prosiness and who might then leave the comforts of humanist latency for the tensions of humanist association.
Siemens boasts an i care, transportation, components, and lightingms Group (PN) is one of the world's largest prosiness.