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  • verb

Synonyms for prosecute

take someone to court


  • take someone to court
  • try
  • sue
  • summon
  • indict
  • do
  • arraign
  • seek redress
  • put someone on trial
  • litigate
  • bring suit against
  • bring someone to trial
  • put someone in the dock
  • bring action against
  • prefer charges against

Synonyms for prosecute

to institute or subject to legal proceedings

to begin and carry through to completion

Synonyms for prosecute

conduct a prosecution in a court of law

Related Words

bring a criminal action against (in a trial)

carry out or participate in an activity

References in classic literature ?
The Prosecuting Attorney interposed, demanding to know which of the two cases lumped together was, and by what right Patsy's lawyer, at that stage of the proceedings, should take the witness.
Both Patsy's attorney and the Prosecuting Attorney rested their cases, letting everything go before the Court without argument.
Watson, as prosecuting witness, first took the stand and told his story.
The TPR said it is prosecuting Mr Chappell for failing to comply with three notices issued under the Pensions Act 2004.
The International Criminal Court (ICC) is in charge of prosecuting crimes of genocide, but several issues stand in the way of the court beginning a trial.
Bulgariaas prosecuting authority should not be granted overly-extensive powers to intervene in civil cases and should instead focus on boosting its efficiency on criminal cases, according to Justice Minister Hristo Ivanov.
Gilbert has received the 2007 Eugene Berry Award from the Florida Prosecuting Attorneys Association, recognizing his 34 years of public service in prosecuting major crimes and traffic homicides, among other duties.
LAWYERS in the West Midlands are leading the way in prosecuting thugs who beat their partners, new figures have revealed.
The ICC bills itself as being the only alternative in prosecuting top-level war criminals: people that are heads of state and high officials, like presidents, dictators, and other high-level government officials.
Director of Public Prosecutions Ken Macdonald QC said he believed public attitudes to bad driving had changed dramatically in recent years and the CPS's policy of prosecuting motorists may need to be modified as a result.
CalCPA sat down with Bornstein to get his perspective on prosecuting fraud, the Enron trial, the effects of the Sarbanes-Oxley Act and how federal scrutiny of stock option backdating might play out.
This reform campaign also failed because it was built upon an outdated understanding of American culture; the Committee of Fourteen sincerely believed that the threat of prosecuting men for purchasing sexual services would promote a middle-class Victorian model of character and an improved moral climate.
THE main bus company in Coventry says it is deter- mined to stamp out smoking on its vehicles and intends prosecuting at least six people for lighting up.
Judge Trevor Barber told Sheffield crown court he was astonished the CPS ruled out prosecuting until a Family Court judge at another hearing intervened.
The agency is prepared to go far beyond prosecuting felony re-entry, as in the past, and to include complex financial and other investigations aimed at the gang's leaders or ``shot callers.